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  1. Good luck with that Josh, even though you said that just to spite me I’m sure.
  2. You’re not an imposter, no one else would willingly live with Jordan (jk Ik what imposter syndrome is)
  3. 7... oh shit I’m bad at math it took me an hour
  4. She’s a sophomore, I take math 2 grades above my grades average
  5. School, band, and homework, all I’ve got time for... besides this cute girl in my math class 😏
  6. We can continue this all day, Pepe is Pepe
  7. Good luck Brock! I'm going back tomorrow too, just finishing up Summer homework now because I said "fuck that shit" up until now.
  8. If you believe you were improperly banned post an appeal here https://defyclan.com/application/form/4-ban-appeal/ with an explanation as to the situation.
  9. I don’t think we’ve played together but everything’s mostly in order and everything’s been really enjoyable.
  10. I can get behind this, while slapshot was a blast it wasn’t very much in the ordinary for Defy members and thus many hesitated, adding an event to one of the servers could be really cool, it doesn’t enforce signup and people don’t have to set so much time aside.
  11. Finally, the universe is restored
  12. Right as we thought we had you
  13. TTT has rhythm behind it, and I’m more for removing Kevlar all together than making it cheaper, innocents are meant to be expendable in a lot of situations because there’s a lot more of them m, making them hard to kill just extends the game. I also believe that if we gave Kevlar to innocents that they’d all buy it regularly, not everyone’s constantly saving for another traitor round.
  14. This has got to be the most constructive criticism I’ve ever seen
  15. I feel that giving innocents Kevlar at all can really mess up the traitors, the point of being a traitor is getting kills quickly and either moving on to the next target or running to avoid detection, either way this takes too long to do if innocents have Kevlar.
  16. Small correction, you do need a GeForce GPU to use it.
  17. I've noticed that despite us admins constantly getting calls, when we join problems that seem to be long lasting and constant are left unpunished because of a lack of evidence due to most not recording. This can be easily resolved by downloading the Geforce Experience which helps to record footage. Follow these steps to get Shadowplay and to help the DEFY staff team to improve the server. 1. Download the Geforce Experience from https://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/download (This does NOT require you to have any Geforce GPU in your computer) 2. Sign in/sign up (this shouldn't take long) 3. Hit alt + z to activate the Geforce Experience overlay and turn on Instant Replay and hit settings to adjust how long the video will be and how good its quality is 4. Whenever you want to save footage hit alt + z and then tap Instant Replay and then save the footage. If you are using this footage to report a player upload it to youtube then send the link in the report under evidence. This is by far the most efficient way of collecting evidence of rule breakers as it does not lag your game, is always running in the background, and is fairly simple.
  18. Well I don’t really have a top 10 but some favorites are Erased, Neon Genosis: Evangelion, Mob Psycho 100, Kids on the Slope.
  19. Agreed, we all used to see the same shit happen to poor Arkzy, don’t sweat stuff like that, just ignore them take a break from TTT if need be and collect evidence or notify an ingame staff member
  20. Okay Grandpa Krim, nice Vietnam flashbacks, can we get our cookies now?
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