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  1. I like it more without the admins most of the time, however admins are sometimes really needed.
  2. dad


    That’s kinda what I am sayin
  3. Never mind what I said then. Glad to hear that they do things differently in your country.
  4. I’ve worked in department of clinical psychology. Did you know that no one does jack shit there? The doctor prescribes antidepressants to fat unappealing women and the nurses chat, give pills in the morning, chat, take a break, chat, go for lunch and then do paperwork for half an hour, oh and did I mention taking a break and chatting? Personally for me it seems humorous to be doing 4 years of university, learning hardcore material that the average idiot wouldn’t handle, just so you can later have an easy meaningless job that pays a lot. It kills me seeing people put fake smiles on and pretending that they care about their useless doing nothing job, when at the end of the day all they care about is the pay-check. You aren’t going to be helping people in psychology as much as you think are or whatever your passion is with the job. I hope you know what you are getting yourself into, but hopefully I have enlightened you if you haven’t known this already.
  5. Kill the players who know how to play the game first.
  6. The deathrun manager is not a great addition, here are the reasons: 1. You would be surprised, but the MAJORITY of the people hate being a T, because everyone wants to participate and work as a team by beating traps, therefore making the win as CT way more satisfying, since you also get a chance to beat the map. Why its a problem? Because players who don't want to be T can switch right away to CT and end the round, but the new maximum amount of rounds is only 10!!! For most of the maps low amount of rounds is good, but for deathrun it has always been tough; from experience I can say that most of the time you get a good roll going where everyone gets to know others players for what they are good at. So you get to the point where you work as a team to beat traps, because certain people excel at specific game mechanics better than others, making the win as CT even more rewarding, because everyone feels that they did their part in beating the map. In order for players to get to know each other, you need around 10 rounds, and even more to beat the map. But no where less than 10 rounds. Take off deathrun manager, so people can't switch and end rounds, therefore decreasing the already low amount of rounds! 2. There are usually the same 1-3 people who are T's on all deathrun maps. They enjoy the challenge of facing the majority, and it will be taken away if randoms are gonna be getting T every round, but I CAN GURANTEE that there has NEVER BEEN a time when someone was stubborn and greedy to stay T the whole map against the majority (CT's) will, if it does happen for few rounds than everyone just boos them and tells them to leave. I don't know what the T limit is after this recent update. That being said, the T's are usually selected by the CT's and are enjoyed to be faced against. The pros outweigh the cons of possible trolls spamming the buttons every round, which has never happened anyway. Take off deathrun manager, so certain people can be T's multiple times. 3. Not everyone is good at being a T. Going back to point #1, most of these people are gonna type kill in console or switch to CT, shortening the amount of rounds. Those who will try to play it out, since they have already been selected are gonna most likely suck ass at it and let everyone have a free run, defeating the most important thing about deathrun, that thing being the challenge and grind of beating the map as a team. The following rounds after a free run are not gonna feel as rewarding, causing people to be bored and leave/rtv. That being said, people can always try being a T once and figure out if they are good at it or not, but the deathrun manager will pick them multiple times no matter if they wanna be T again or not, without it they can always select T side again if they feel that they won't suck ass at it. There isn't a single T who continues to play as a T for more rounds if they are just not good at it. Take off deathrun manager, so experienced T's can create a challenge for others and not let randomly selected players ruin the game. There are never any trolls or selfish greedy people who wanna be T everyround, whether because its DEFY or the game mode or CT's deciding who they want to face or I just haven't run into any. Quit with this bullshit of everyone "getting a chance" to be the bad guy and have a special role, because it just doesn't work the same for deathrun as it does for TTT!!! P.s - No new maps have been added for deathrun, even though they have been promised by Mark.
  7. Would it be possible to make the T-item "Decoy Body" to explode whenever the T desires, because otherwise it explodes automatically in 3-5 sec. If that is too hard to modify, then can the price of "Decoy Body" be changed to something less than 25 credits, because it isn't even a one shot if you hover directly above it.
  8. you think you are the only smart one
  9. Add fists to TTT plox. Just something extra you can troll and fuck around with. Will be fun.
  10. no, people are already used to the order
  11. hard ones with water
  12. Tiger what are you saying. Since when have you seen people cooperate on a full server on close quarters. I personally have never seen you type anything in team chat
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