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  1. Add fists to TTT plox. Just something extra you can troll and fuck around with. Will be fun.
  2. no, people are already used to the order
  3. Tiger what are you saying. Since when have you seen people cooperate on a full server on close quarters. I personally have never seen you type anything in team chat
  4. Just know what map to fucking vote depending on how many players there are on the server. I leave myself when there are 16+ people on that map. You guys literally fucking vote highschool when there are 8 players and vote close quarters when there are 16+. What's the point of even having these forum posts when nothing is gonna change.
  5. dad

    CS:GO Alt Accounts

    What if you just use the same name, on both accs, I play comp on my other acc, I dont want to go through the cancer of resigning in and out to join a community server.
  6. Goal: determining the magnitude of the lag according to the size of the object. The recorded standard deviations, mean, median, etc., have suggested that the size of the object is directly proportional to the resulted server disruption. Since the obtained p-value was recorded to be 0.01, meaning that it is less than 0.05, meaning we were easily able to reject the null hypothesis. The null hypothesis being, "If the objects are placed in an elevator, then the server will function normally." P.s: multiple experiments have been conducted by professor Oil boy during this research. Boy, Oil. The Relationship between the Magnitude of Server Disruption and the Size of the Object. Dad, 6 May 2019.
  7. We have created a fairly big deathrun community. There are a lot of people that enjoy playing deathrun only on minigames. We have beated all of the maps, that’s why I am asking if someone could add more deathrun maps. I will link some maps below: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=216208042 - that’s deathrun family guy map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1454079384 - that’s all of the deathrun maps on steam workshop. Can an admin take sometime and add deathrun family guy and maybe pick out some deathrun maps from the second link.
  8. dad


    I would get banned if I were to share my inner thoughts and my radical POV. There are a lot of things in our world that need to be restricted and changed.
  9. What does my role mean?
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