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  1. love this guy (No Homo)
  2. Soooo who else is enjoying halo reach on pc? cause so far day 1 was a fucking blast and when i mean that i mean wanting to blow your brains out while doing co - op campaign on legendary with the iron skull enabled which means if one of us dies we restart to the most recent checkpoint, BUT ANYWAYS i'm so gonna be looking forward to hosting some giant custom and infected lobbies some day! How are you enjoying reach on pc? because down below will be my day 1 experience summarized in a short video
  3. dont worry about him, he's just a teachers pet, welcome back! we haven't met but joined back in the summer of this year, so hoope to see you around
  4. i know back in a community i was in a long time ago they had something called "community spotlight" they choose a specific person in the community that had made a huge impact in the month or so but thats all i could remember
  5. if its not a bmw m3 i don't wanna talk
  6. After four solid attempts of teaching krim and bowie the parkour run finally got whisper on the last 30 seconds lol! https://youtu.be/pphWvswTjIM
  7. Warmcup headshot- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=172808002&searchtext=warmcup just tested it just need to tinker with its settings as if everyone dies the round dosent end mp_ignore_win_conditions 0 should help
  8. i dont need another case of waifu wars on Defy too
  9. use to eat them every time in highschool considering it was the only good thing the cafeteria sells
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