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  1. SO im giving away three skins, ill post a pic below, But in order for you to join the give away you must join this group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SHIIIETBOYYYFREEESKINSSS and you will be automatically set into the draw with god knows how many people who want pixels ill be announcing the winners on Saturday and will be doing it live on our ttt server so make sure to stick around, This won't be my only giveaway for this community (there will be three winners one skin for each person)
  2. Gonna go back home, Portugal to the island of sao Miguel and see whats up, Honestly only remembered it as a baby and hope to see what else has changed compared to my last visit, But tbh if there was one thing i could do for a vacation it'd definitely be to travel the world with someone. (That said vacation would be a long ass one if i could do it :P)
  3. Og goat? more like drives small boats HUGUHASDBDSAGDASIKUYASD
  4. So idk what you all do for a living but I might as well talk about what I do, I work at a Steel mill as a Burner (High def and plasma machine operator) that cuts steel for specific places With specific drawings , however the piece is supposed to come out that’s how it’ll be cut videos are provided below might be sideways so I apologize ( gonna record some better videos this week, sorry :()
  5. As i said before SOFT COOKIES ARE WHERE THE OG'S AT
  7. well in my eyes you are
  8. i've seen new admins come and go and watched their experiences very carefully, yet i know that this fourm is very late but whatever, i havent seen an admin like you pick things up so quickly and know the rules very well, knowing whenever someone deserves to be punished for their actions and keeping the server a comfortable and fun place for all , thanks for being the best admin ive seen on ttt so far
  9. then i will be choosing the skins tonight '
  10. Idk i feel generous please give me three skin recommendations that i should get and give away (nothing crazy, i love people but i don't bankruptcy love people)
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