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  1. Oh there is not an actual prize, at least not here on Defy. However the best time right now I believe is like 19 seconds so, you better be insanely good to beat that
  2. A new course map on the easier side of things. I made this map with timers in mind. There are ways to get about 35 sec on a normal run, if you find all the shortcuts. May the fastest runner win!
  3. Damons Downtown: https://gamebanana.com/maps/207701 Damons Canyon: https://gamebanana.com/maps/207410
  4. Yeah I noticed that as well! I really hope you get some time to look into adding them. I think they could be a breath of fresh air for the server. And the more feedback I can get the better my maps will get
  5. Well these do not give a great overview of the map. I've put them in more restrictive areas for the Traitor. Also the map has been updated to b1! Now has another T Room with a T trap and major fixes to make it more stable. Same link as before. @itzgray Why are you not adding maps? What do you mean?
  6. Appreciate it! Glad yo hear you enjoy it, I think this one will be a lot of fun to play with ya'll
  7. Hey guys! I've made another map, this is one is within the city. I'd really like your feedback on this as it always has been very useful and made the maps better in general. Have a look! The Traitors have infiltrated downtown and the last remaining task force has been deployed.Take out the Traitors no matter what in this Action packed environment. Rooftops are in your favor and may the best gunman win. This map plays similar to Kirbycity with the accessible rooftops, but it has a whole lot more of pathways for sneaky players to use. It features 3 Traitor Rooms, one which actually is quiet different from the ones you usually find. One of them is above the floor instead of next to, as usual. Leave a comment and feedback for improvements!
  8. Appreciate the support! Any news on adding this to the server?
  9. Now that is just awesome! Yeah this map is a bit more of a combination, meanwhile Closequarters is 100% chaos xD. Hopefully I get to show you who's the real Traitor on the map very soon!
  10. B2 is now out and ready to be played. Lets see how it plays out!
  11. Thanks a lot man! Glad you enjoy them. The b2 version will be available very soon. Still doing some bug testing and minor improvements. Yeah no more Awping through T room every round xD
  12. Alright so I've made some new stuff for the map. This version will be B2. It will feature 3 traitor only locations, but they only have guns and ways for the Traitors to travel. They have no windows for them to use for their own advantage. The coolest new part is the Traitor Tester, which also is breakable by destroying the generator. Oh and the Traitor Tester has an escape route for Traitors if caught in the wrong area. They can press en escape button and fall down through the Testers floor into a T room. But they can be shot while attempting to press the button. This is what it could like after they've escaped. A door protects them for 3 seconds, but it is wallbangable. Here are some screenshots of the new areas. Thanks for the input Magma. I decided to try add this new element of the Tester and Less OP traitors rooms to spice it up.
  13. Oh yeah there is, here you go: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1956738561
  14. Another map made by me. This one does not come with any T rooms so we'll see how that goes. Please feel free to try it out and recommend any further changes. As of now the map seems a bit T favored which is why I opted not to use T rooms. Hopefully we can test it further here on Defy. Cheers
  15. Alright so version B1 is ready for play! I've updated the page on Gamebanana with all the new changes. This is the link: https://gamebanana.com/maps/207162 Here are some screenshots of the changes: How come you didn't like Damons disco?
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