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  1. i drive a 2016 bmw x5 it has electric and it saves a lot of gas
  2. one old friend comes back and now another one does (me)
  3. i played long before you even joined defy. I joined while emo was a member
  4. I wanna see how many people remember me (my old name was harambe)
  5. i joined January 1, 2017 im also old
  6. I call Hax u used the power of DEFY to win
  7. lol u probably hate me (i got the vulcan)
  8. prevete ruski friend Moloko
  9. Ice pack is my daddy i always think about him and when i do i think about who the f**k my mom is
  10. i like foootbull as in soccer
  11. What big stick u stuck that one up ur ass remember?
  12. mark dont u have a color keyboard?? p.s. if u like these kinds of pools i will post more.
  13. What is your favorite keyboard.
  14. here are some suggestions 1.Light from deathnote 2. ryuk from deathnote 3.One punch man i will think of some more later
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