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  1. Eddies Csgo Skin Giveaway will be happening on saturday may 23rd 2020 4:00 pm central time its also posted as an event in the group. There will be Three rounds and for covert(reds) skins you can only get one and once you get it your out but if you dont like the skin that you've won from the covert variety and don't want it you can send it back and go for covert one that you want. To enter into the giveaway go to this link https://steamcommunity.com/groups/EddieG and it should allow you to join the group if it doesnt plz notify me and i will make sure you get an invite to join the group. If you have any further questions plz feel free to ask me through discord or the steam group and be aware the rules on the weapons might change except for the coverts. Round 1: 1. p2000 urbanHazard (Bs) 2. Mac 10 White fish (Mw) 3. Stattrak Aug Tomcat (Ft) 4. Stattrak Five Seven Flame Test (Fn) 5. Glock-18 Weasel (Ft) 6. Stattrak Mag 7 Swag 7 (Ft) 7. Ak47 Rat Rod (Ft) 8. P250 Franklin (Ft) 9. Tec-9 Fuel Injector (Ft) 10. Galil AR Chatterbox(Bs) <---- note for this it looks really good even though its labeled as Battle Scarred Round 2: 1. Stattrak Mp7 Cirrus(Mw) 2. Stattrak Xm1014 QuickSilver(Fn) 3. Souvenir Sawed Off Brake Light (Fn) 4. Awp Capillary (Mw) 5. Stattrak G3sg1 High Seas (Ft) 6. Stattrak Cz-75 Auto Tigris (Ft) 7. Famas Pulse (Ft) 8. Ump-45 Primal Saber (Ft) 9. SSg 08 Bloodshot (Ft) 10. Sawed Off The Kraken(Mw) Round 3: 1. Usp-s Blood Tiger (Fn) 2. Stattrak R8 Revolver Crimson Web (Mw) 3. Stattrak Scar-20 Crimson Web (Mw) 4. five seven case hardened (Ft) 5. M4a4 Griffin (Ft) 6. Stattrak Awp Atheris (Bs) 7. Mac 10 Disco Tech (Ft) 8. Ak-47 Frontside Misty (Ft) 9. M4a4 Emperor (Ft)
  2. yo so there are updates for the giveaway in the group
  3. here is the link for the steam group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/EddieG
  4. This Giveaway will be happening on (March 14) 6:00 pm central(The List MAy update) 1: To join the giveaway all you have to do is go to my profile and join the steam group it is public 2: the skins will be mostly field tested and some other wears here and there 3: the skins will be consisting of Reds -M4A1-S Mecha Industries -M4A4 Emperor -P250 See Ya Later Pinks -Ak-47 Frontside Misty -ak-47 Cartel -Aug Bengal Tiger -Awp Mortis -Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon - Desert Eagle Mecha Industries -Famas Djinn -M4A1-S Decimator -Sg 553 Colony IV -Usp-s Cortex -XM1014 Incinegator -Nova Bloomstick Purples - Aug Arcic Wolf -Glock-18 Nuclear Garden -Mp7 Neon Ply - UMP-45 Plastique -Usp-s Flashback -P90 Chopper Blues -Glock-18 Sacrifice -M249 Warbird -Mac-10 Classic Crate -Mac-10 Classic Crate -P90 Off World -Scar-20 Jungle Slipstream -Scar-20 Torn -Scar-20 Torn - Sawed Off Black Sand - Dual Berettas Panther There are some lower grade weapons as well im just to lazy to list them
  5. In-Game Name: Eddie Steam ID64 76561198134930533 Age: 17 Discord Username?: Eddie Why do you want to join DEFY?: because i play on it alot and i think its time i apply for memeber How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? nothing really i think you have great staff who solve all our needs What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? it was an awesome from the beginning which made me stay Who invited you to DEFY?: Would you like to change your username or keep it? Keep my username New Username Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
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