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  1. If thats what mark sees best. But ive never seen a problem with this.
  2. Take it back you meanie Welcome back. Not that i play much anymore. But if u play ill get on at some point
  3. Then people would just mute the people they dislike... its fine how it is if the prisoner has a question they can ask in chat or wait till warden is done
  4. Zarak


    omg no way where u go men
  5. My stevey duke and uncle were playing last night it was really fun. Im honestly bored with cs so rust is def gettin my attention.
  6. Ive been longer than that nibba kun. ❤️
  7. congratulations brother man.
  8. the hell? im new liek i sad
  9. thank all for warm welcome this emo guy is wierd man, he say hack i think ban. thank all
  10. HI I am Zarak. hows life. this seeam like gud server so i join. and it turn ot very gud. Thanks.
  11. o nvm these are the ones i made. this was the full list but emo took out some of them. They were eh. MLG Noob Silver4Life WannaBe Demi-God God TTT-God JB-God 1v1God Try Hard DrugDealer Meme Lord Haxor Jesus Daddy Weeb Weeabo Senpai Skrub(or Scrub) Rookie LowLife CircleJerker Abuser BottomFrag The "Pro" Spray'n'Pray YEET Trash Emo Gay Seven Gay Jew GrilGamer Troll WHAT-SON Drunk Sneaky Tricky Veteran Shady Cutie Ruthless Juan Deag Blood Thirsty THOT THICC Papi Savage Wanker Pro Nerd Sexy GodLike Edgy Cringey Slut The Gambler No-Lyfe TheBoss No Gender Vegan Senór NicoNicoNi Wadukek SweatyNerd RuleBreaker FreeKiller Rdmer Guardian Loser Memer Cyka Bylat Rebeller Rebobeler CODPlayer Señor NicoNicoNi Wadukek Guardian Loli Goddess Pokémon Master Pokémon Trainer Pika Chimchar Charizard Nerd Geek DJ Dog Puppy Kitten Cat Surfer Gambler Gang Member The One Above All Superman Supergirl Catwoman Hero Third Worlder Expensive Tags (Colorful wooo) Redline *Veteran* Rainbow $$Gambler$$ 420 Silver Cheater Singer Melon Lover Supreme BitCoin Dogecoin $$$ Dragon USA
  12. i did when i was game affairs i remember emo asking me to make a whole google doc.
  13. nibba didnt i make u a whole document full of them like a few months ago
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