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  1. Take it back you meanie Welcome back. Not that i play much anymore. But if u play ill get on at some point
  2. Zarak


    omg no way where u go men
  3. My stevey duke and uncle were playing last night it was really fun. Im honestly bored with cs so rust is def gettin my attention.
  4. Ive been longer than that nibba kun. ❤️
  5. congratulations brother man.
  6. Zarak


    the hell? im new liek i sad
  7. Zarak


    thank all for warm welcome this emo guy is wierd man, he say hack i think ban. thank all
  8. Zarak


    HI I am Zarak. hows life. this seeam like gud server so i join. and it turn ot very gud. Thanks.
  9. Zarak

    yeet i'm back

    but laptops have mics!
  10. why i noticed some ids were like that. are thoes ppl banned or is it just like that
  11. I just realized that u can see exactly the number of your user id on the forums. like for example: http://defyclan.com/profile/1-mark/ Mark is user id 1 as u can see in the profile/1-mark. Its cool to see who were the first ppl in defy. like if u change that 1 to a 2 you can see virnios: http://defyclan.com/profile/2-virnios/ IDK I THOUGHT IT WAS KINDA KOOL and I DONT think ive seen half these ppl like id 3: http://defyclan.com/profile/3-luke/
  12. Moonbase, Since first of all its a new type of map like in space and all (I know there is one similar on JB) and it looks cool to be in TTT, I feel like you could make a lot of fun stuff come out of it
  13. Zarak

    yeet i'm back

    big comeback, tell me you invested in a mic?
  14. Very nice. I like all the secrets. And hopefully that exploit where u can fly is gone Xd.
  15. O i remember you now, i tested your map once. Noice.
  16. Zarak

    I made it

    Gg you will encounter big hackers in about 3 or 4 ranks. Maybe some now too. Why because game dead?
  17. Zarak

    New Logo?

    Im gonna be honest, it does not look like a d at all
  18. Zarak

    Heckler mAaaann!!!

    You have just watched art
  19. Hey man, have fun doing what you want to do! I agree with you the game has gotten boring for me especially in the aspect of playing on community servers, Obviously the servers aren't like they were last year at THIS time. Which happens nothing lasts forever. It was fun while it lasted. You were a funny guy and pretty meme-able. Have a great summer dawg. And yea we should play some other games would be fun.
  20. Zarak

    Heckler mAaaann!!!

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