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  1. I have been thinking about it idk
  2. Nyq

    if there is anyway you can check this out but on my profile it says Im Enlisted... But I was told that my membership application got accepted. But it dosesent say member. Is this a bug, glitch, Error? Thanks for your time.

    1. Yuki


      No Enlisted is a member rank

  3. yea search up any website and that will happen
  4. and me for being your mom gosh.
  5. IDK thats why i am confused
  6. bc he isnt active <*ROASTED*>
  7. how big is your DICK
  8. Still got banned and are u playing on a surf or a smurf
  9. 1.Go to Speedtest.net 2. Press go 3. comment a screenshot
  10. i fucked a unicorn and it was SENSATIONAL
  11. Yuki

    Kelly's Intro

    @Kelly is the person to purposely drop the soap
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