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  1. Welp, week 3 still no internet. I promise I'm not dead it's just kinda hard to play when the internet company denies that my house exists 1 like equals 1 prayer for my internet
  2. I've used skinhub before and gotten a whole lot more than I have in csgo cases, skinhub might be a scam but so are regular cases so
  3. Ur a freshman in HS why are you waking up at 5:30
  4. Don't open cases and if you are going to open cases do it on skinhub or something, the odds are much better
  5. The length of bans and or mutes should be up to the admins discretion in my opinion, incremental bans are fine for player complaints where it's just clips and admins are not in game but if an admin is in game and they can obviously tell what the intention of the player is it should be up to them at least to an extent. Like if someone is micspamming explatives targeted at someone and you mute them for 15 mins do you really think it's gonna stop them? By the time you get to a a significant mute time they gave already done it multiple times and caused more problems than they are worth. I might be reaching a little with this, but I do feel like it would significantly help the server.
  6. No, my buddies will stay my buddies We don't say mates what do you think this is England? I'm no communist no sir
  7. The animal crackers with the frosting and rainbow sprinkles where bomb af
  8. How do I delete someone else's forum post
  9. You're probably just gonna come on in 2 weeks and mass RDM to get permed because you are mad, so no I don't think they will reduce it
  10. This is gonna get real political real fast
  11. you can only buy it as detective or traitor, i feel like it's fine where its at, you can nerf something just because one person buys it and does well with it
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