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  1. Brock


  2. None of them, white meat or bust
  3. If you can fit in an s2k it's a dope car, gotta get it built tho. I'm not really into the Z4 but I mean if you like it. Maybe try looking at a B5 S4, that's the alternative to the E36
  4. It's ok to have bad opinions, that's what democracy is for
  5. Well thats good to hear, as for my advice, give the BMW another try... please dont buy an 86/BRZ, i will lose respect for you forever!!! jk
  6. im with you, i dont agree with the new punishment system either but its how it is
  7. https://gyazo.com/262838cc548d3e9cdffba52e9c0554e3 well that was unnecessary
  8. Well that was kinda harsh
  9. iPhone wack for people like me, aka poor people
  10. if you refer to all soda as "coke" i hate you
  11. TF2 a staple f2p game, Apex legends is still fun with friends, TFT or just regular league, paladins is also decent, Warframe is good although grindey as hell, war thunder if you're into ww2 planes, and path of exile for a MMORPG. All of those are good, just don't play ring of Elysium it's spyware
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