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  1. Well i've been gone for like 3 months kinda died, but how you guys doing as a check up I should be on more maybe
  2. Well boys and girls it's Christmas eve so what's your most memorable event on this day. Mine's asking out someone during a church session, that I was forced to go too, and it was a yes.
  3. So my birthday is in 2 days so I was wondering what your worst birthday was. Mine was 3 years ago when I got shot point blank in the head about 2 feet away by a paintball causing me to shoot my ex in the neck on accident in like 60 degree weather during a paintball fight with 10 or so people.
  4. You bully me it really hurts you know
  5. I personally want to be a graphic designer or a server tech for a company cause I got nothing better to do what about you guys?
  6. No. Cause it was an "accident" shhhh
  7. I smacked a freshman with a contra which I have the biggest one which is 50 pounds. We were doing a fight song where we throw our bell to the corner of our area and this kid got hit in the head with it and had to go to the hospital due to a concussion basically
  8. Well mine is when I gave a freshman a concussion with my horn what about you guys
  9. My favorite is Pyramidal dumplings
  10. I said favorite not all of them .-.
  11. I'm just saying Vietnamese food is my favorite what about you guys?
  12. 1.Akame ga Kill 2. Seven Deadly Sins 3. Black Butler 4. Tokyo Ghoul 5. Mushi-Shi 6. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 7. Blue exorcist 8. Attack On Titan 9. Mushishi 10. Tonari no Totoro
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