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  1. Magma, I know it says not to give your phone number to crackheads but.. My number is 7453362433
  2. Yeah this can be super annoying at times especially when you are depending on that knife to come through. At the time though did you have a karma less than 100?
  3. If I don't get that Scar-20 | Torn I will be absolutely FUMING
  4. I'll miss you buddy, it was great having you on with me we worked well together ❤️
  5. PigOwner I know we haven't got to know each other very well, but I really did enjoy playing with you. Everytime I did play with you it was a ton of fun and we seemed to get along well. I will miss you on Defy but if you ever wanna play video games in general sometime let me know
  6. I think the cosmetic colors we have on Defy are currently not enough. I think some things we can do is get rid of the colors no one likes let alone uses, add ones that are just the colors of the rainbow and not "light purple" which is literally just pink, like seriously PLEASE just call it pink. Some colors I think that would be great as chat colors/name colors are: - Classic Red - Baby Boy Blue - Gray - Wow! Thats yellow. - Orange - Alcoholic Aunt Pink - Turquoise - Royal Purple and my personal favorite color: Now that's a gay pink! I am interested in seeing what you guys think about this, If you have any other colors that would be great as name colors/chat colors for Defy servers let me know.
  7. I feel like this is a waste of time, the maps can be updated on the developers free time if they want to. Otherwise I see no harm in adding new maps, all it does is add more variety to the server thereby encouraging new players to stay.
  8. When I think of Clue I get a little nostalgia, it wasn't that long ago but that was the first map I ever played on Defy. Also the game I met you so double win ❤️
  9. Please don't be gone for to long, ill miss you bud let me know when you get back
  10. I am so grateful to have met you and become friends with you, heres to another year! 🥂
  11. The textures look very rushed, otherwise goodjob! ☺️
  12. An Antagonist title would also be fantastic
  13. I know it's still rdm Bowie, I am just saying to prevent people from using it as an excuse to rdm make the text more obvious.
  14. There is a common issue with the shop in Defy TTT, where people try to buy T, think they bought it, kill a few people, and get banned. Did you notice the issue there? The word "think" was the problem, these people think they are buying T perhaps they misread how much credits they have/how much it is. This is a issue, multiple people have been banned for mass rdm all because of this same issue, and there is a very simple solution for this very common problem. Make the text for purchase failing bigger. Make it more obvious, people have even suggested putting it in the middle of the screen instead of in the chat. While you could argue it is their fault for being ignorant, you have to take into account humans are not infallible. Some people would rather focus on the game rather than the chat aspect, as listening to voices is so much easier than glancing over and using precious time to read chat. While I am not one of those people who don't pay attention to chat, and most likely you aren't as well, but you have to take into account the people that do. This fix would cause no harm to the game play at all, it would only fix it. This would not only eliminate one excuse for mass rdmers to use, but it would make the people who have experienced this feel a little bit better.
  15. You weak feeble minded fool, you have not an ounce of respect for Defy and its player base do you? You wish to wake up and lampoon your opinion at other users because you struggle to see the big picture. Pathetic. Gross. Disgusting. May you wake up upon a robe of rats you vile plague.
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