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  1. I have never rode a motorcycle but you should totally send me a picture when you get yours πŸ˜‰
  2. I'd say 12 is probably the best, if a toxic group comes on that can get annoying fast.
  3. I would love to kiss that dogs forehead
  4. 1. Where am I at 2. Where am I at All jokes aside I love talking to you and you as a person, glad to be friends with you ❀
  5. Dolls has been in for a while, please stop commenting maps that are already in πŸ™‚
  6. The map that will be made is Nuketown with 7 votes. If there is a specific version from a game you guys would like please comment. Otherwise I am sticking with BO2.
  7. It's just a moment of rage I assume, I don't think people really hate it
  8. You should see the clips I have LOL
  9. MSWS I am creating maps, creating maps is my main thing. I only modify maps if Seth needs me to. I didn't think it was that hard to understand that a MAP SUGGESTION POLL would mean custom map ideas.
  10. You suggested Clue, you did not suggest an original idea. Donnie you don't have to vote and these maps don't have to be added.
  11. I was gonna add some secret jump scares and stuff like you said Mike!
  12. you dont have to vote at all.
  13. A quick poll to help decide which map the community would like to see more. Poll choices are taken from my last forum post "TTT Map Requests"
  14. Hi I'm Wren, I have been in the mood for the past week to make some new maps. If you have a suggestion for a map please let me know. All I need to know is the setting and if there is any specific details that you would like in! πŸ’–
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