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  1. I don't believe the detective's revolver is op. It would be ok if it was a little more expensive. I believe that when the detective shoots an innocent with it it should show the name of the person that got shot. In my opinion that would not be OP because the detective would still be dead. If people think its still would be OP for its price then just up it.
  2. Please change the fakebody back to what it was. It's stupid that when you id it it says its a fakebody. It should act like a regular body.
  3. Well im back now. I will at least be playing a good bit for the next 2 weeks because my school closed and I have nothing else to do. Dont know if ill stay active after then but Im back for now.
  4. I’m not leaving per say but I won’t really be playing much more defy. I’ll still talk and stuff on this discord and play other games but I’m just tired of ttt and just CSGO in general. I also got some stuff going on right now that’s taking up some time. I might hop on jb or mg every once in a while. So if I had only talked to you in game and not on discord I guess this is kind of good bye. I’ve had a great time playing with y’all. Hopefully I’ll talk to y’all soon.
  5. Bye ellie. Had a lot of great times playing with you.
  6. Miss you Bluezyy i hope you get some good news
  7. We are all here to talk if you ever need to Mike. I hope it all goes well.
  8. is the murder even still up on gmod? I thought the gmod servers were taken offline or something. oops
  9. Ok so I've had an idea for murder mystery on CSGO. It would have a few of the items from the ttt server. The Murderer(s) would have a one hit knife with unlimited uses or just a better knife. The Detective would get the detectives revolver from the ttt server which would have one shot then needs to be reloaded, but it stays one shot against murderers. It would need to stay where it kills whoever shoots it if they do not shoot a murderer. The Innocent would just have fist so they are not also running around with knives. For the clues I don't have a great idea, but there could be 5 buttons around the map that when clicked by one person gives that person a revolver. I know its not great because the buttons would not change location each round. Or it could be credit based. I don't know how well this would work but the murderer would be able to change there name to the dead person for a clue or credits. If I missed anything let me know.
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