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  1. I go to my grandmas but I think this year everyone's coming to our house. I can't wait for the soda
  2. im sorry I read this as favorite type of shrek when I first looked at it
  3. well for starters, im doing great! I am now a member of the clan. I will say you are remembered by the people who have met you, anyways I have a question for the voice acting. Are you voice acting characters that others have made or for completely new characters that maybe, you have made?
  4. I say soda but I do hear others say soda pop. Its a little weird when they say soda pop and not just soda.
  5. you are a monster leave this place
  6. What are you're big brain moments on the DEFY TTT server?
  7. I've made a lot of good memories with you Felix, im gonna miss you. You will always be the goodest boy
  8. honestly I don't know what im sick with, my coughs sound like a demon screeching and my throat hurt likes hell.
  9. I'm looking for some of the best cases to open. reply your suggestions!
  10. im feelin horrible. I've been sick for so long and I have to go to school. it freaking sucks.
  11. hell yeah those are awesome
  12. SKYRIM VR, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. SKYRIM VR IS BY FAR THE BEST. (Except for the decapitation's, when you decapitate someone there's a glitch that will make them fight without a head. its like a chicken whos been beheaded)
  13. hmm after much thinking I would say best girl in my opinion for right now would be Compa from the neptunia games. yes I do realize who I said the first time but I thought more about it. sush
  14. its so obvious tho, @Felix is the cutest one ever
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