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  1. Dont know you but would gladly like to say welcome back
  2. Nice bro fuckin big brainnnnn
  3. Cmon bro really this is a great accomplishment and you gonna pull this shit just accept the ban and stop whining about it fuck
  4. Oh um welllll it depends what kinda games they like
  5. What if you made the sign out in front the one from bo1 but kept the map as bo2
  6. All the time ive actually played with you its been fun and uno that was fucking hilarious man
  7. He can be toxic for sure been there seen it he just does consistently which is what he wants to change
  8. Honestly i find it fun to play with you😜😂 but fr theres nothin i can think of bad
  9. Personally since im just straight the gay comments can a lil to far but hey fuck it
  10. I think that its should have like a limited amount of uses
  11. In idk i watched vloggers that weren't even that good🤢
  12. i can send it to you thru discord imma do them tonight ill send you thru discord later bet ill try my best what would you like drawn
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