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  1. i dont think its the worst idea and thats all it is rn an idea. and i agree with the others
  2. Its hard to see if the dead pool skin is id (especially for colorblind people) or not cuz of how dark it is. If theres a way you can lighten the color a bit or something thats would be fantastic. If not then its chill thanks for listening.
  3. I think it would be cool amd would love to see more cosmetics in the game but like donnie said dont lose that edge so to speak (kinda like that saying dont show all your aces)
  4. You can also remove it out from under people so they fall to there death which would be rdm of a sort and as mike said reach places on the map u normally couldnt
  5. Im not saying remove it im saying nerf it or limit the use
  6. Yea its just in defy and it just keeps fluctuating
  7. Dont be a dick ms i'm just speakin my mind
  8. Your right and i agree the price should drop if it does indeed get nerfed but atm its too op and not everyone can just kill the detec and get away with it not all of us are good at the game or skilled enough
  9. I have been having fluctuating ping and idk how to fix this and its only on the community servers any ideas?
  10. I think making an app would be dope and if you think you can do it then shoot for the moon but i agree with magma And i can do just about everything on my phone then i can on my pc
  11. I dont think that the detec is useless if u take the dna scammer away but limit the use to it like for instance only be able to id one body and have to buy another dont just give it unlimited uses
  12. So great Christmas lol i skinned my hand so im not gonna be on sorry
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