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  1. Im Retiring and might be leaving defy all together ill be on to play a bit but thats it see yall later.
  2. She is right man ive been thru some shit its worth waiting for dont rush life and im only 18
  3. Good fuck you. Im just playin man if u ever wanna chill in my discord and chat or play comp or anything man im all game and def not that annoying compared to others womtnlist names and would love to see a return in the future brotha. But fr like nyde said this is becoming a trend of a sort.
  4. I recommend the ranch its funny af
  5. Big Eddie G that was a funny as night bro
  6. Will we be getting different cosmetics???? like playermodels wise??
  7. Broo been so many funny moments dude gonna miss ya and cant wait for more
  8. I believe so and indeed it is
  9. I think the one i like is called golden eye if im not mistaken
  10. When u comin back man been alota changes bro??
  11. Well this one magma doesnt kill irl like your other "klan" *cough* *cough* But welcome Histari had fun moments wit ya already lets continue to make more brotha
  12. @Eddie plays ik that but not alot
  13. yea ig but i mean at least they cant by every three rounds then
  14. I mean i can see where your coming from but what if it was restricted to being bought once thru out the game?
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