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  1. Here are the images revamped. Hopefully I solved some thoughts and ideas, I decided that they were slightly too large so I decreased the size, and also added DEFYCLAN.com! I still have the original images but won't be able to edit them considering these are now the saved files. Hope they are just as good, please let me know via replying or messaging me! The only problem is centering the image vertically.
  2. Yeah I was planning on making the Defy logo, its just I didn't know how you would want the logo to be added considering it's your creation. But I would gladly like to test them out in-game if that is okay with you. I'm usually free at anytime. Also I'll be sure to add the Defy clan logo onto them when I revamp them.
  3. Thanks for the input, i'll be sure to try it out and see how it turns out.
  4. Yeah I threw a Molotov at myself for fun and lost 17 karma rip. Also I’m not such a fan on the prop update either, yes it is cool but I always find props in doorways and other areas that slowdown a players action.
  5. I'm new to Defy so I never got to meet you but a lot of people talk about you. All good things
  6. So I thought it would be fun to design some new victory screen logos for TTT. I did enjoy it and thought they were pretty cool. Hope you guys like them as much as I do! I did them over screenshots to show how they would be in-game. If you have any suggestions or input on the images please reply or message me about it!
  7. You will be missed and hope everything goes well!
  8. can admins drag needed players into the staff voice channel?
  9. Graphic designer or special effects designer. Maybe even a video editor. Realistically i'm trying to become an Architect.
  10. Thanks for being fun to play with whenever you were online and making me feel welcomed! I'll of course miss you but look forward to the times where you will play and visit! Hope everything goes well for you in the future and thanks for including me!
  11. Thanks for being so great you guys are the best
  12. Hey so my names Mike. I am happy to join. I've played on here since early June of 2019 and so far really enjoy most of the players! I've made some new friends who are really awesome and I want to thank everyone for helping me out with the rules and how bad I was at CS:GO when I first joined. It really means a lot so thank you to all of you! This really made a Warm Welcome!
  13. steak and mashed potatoes
  14. In-Game Name: Mike Steam ID64 76561198807596887 Age: 18 Discord Username?: Gemm #4022 Why do you want to join DEFY?: I want to join DEFY because it is a platform I enjoy How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? Mic spam What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? Who invited you to DEFY?: Would you like to change your username or keep it? Keep my username New Username Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
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