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  1. Making a server for players already apart of the Defy community is unnecessary. The goal is to attract more members, not just have a bunch for the players already here. Maybe if we can get Jailbreak running again hopefully
  2. Mike


    T bait is 100% a reasonable part of the game to have harsh punishments for. The player is intentionally trying to get people to kill him and lose karma. We don't like that
  3. Always enjoyed playing in game with you, sad to hear you go. Hope everything goes well!
  4. I don't see a point at all, but I think it would be cool to add. Only as a last priority though
  5. Mike


    Never met but glad to hear that you got your lost steam account back!
  6. I miss the old times on Mini games death run. But, even though there will be a time where we both leave, I am still gonna always be here for you!
  7. You did not get a warning for sitting on a prop, you got a warning for trapping players inside the prop on Closequarters. Also players can't reach places they normally can't reach
  8. We could just give prizes for the first couple rounds, then just keep playing until players leave for fun
  9. If only this happened on June 9
  10. We should focus on Minecraft and Gmod servers first if in search of a server
  11. Good luck bro, hope we play again soon!
  12. The thing is, yes, the DNA scanner is op, but it's supposed to be. The point of a detective is to give him an advantage among the traitors. There is never a high amount of detectives and lessening his abilities (which he doesn't get every round) would be silly and make him just as equal as an innocent.
  13. Make a ban appeal here https://defyclan.com/forum/112-complaints-appeals/
  14. Mike

    Crazy Craft

    Would gladly join! For anyone who isn’t aware, it has around 64-65 mods so it will be very fun and I hope we can have a great time! (I can always help out with someone if they can't find out how to download it! Just message me anytime!)
  15. Personally I don’t have any issues using the forums mobile. Must be an issue with some people who can’t see reactions, I’ve been able to do exactly everything I could on PC, on mobile. The only thing I can’t is to use files from my PC folders
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