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  1. !call is always very useful. Especially in large lobbies or situations like you had just mentioned. It’s very hard to understand exactly what is going on, why it is, who started it, and how to stop it. So to anyone reading this, !call will always be amazingly useful for the admins and the players.
  2. Hope everything is and will go well! Thanks for all the fun moments!
  3. Welcome back! I've never got to meet you before but it's always nice to know people are coming back and still enjoy everything!
  4. Mike


    I hope everything is going well Bluezyy! If anything ever happens I'll always be there for you and support you! Good luck man!
  5. Try to spend as much time possible. I love my pets too much and when they go is just the worst. Hope things go well man!
  6. Here are my nominations. One thing you should all know though, is that I only joined here since late July so I haven't been here all year. Best TTT Admin- Any admin who spends a substantial amount of time on TTT- does not include retired admins - Josh Best JB Admin-Any admin who spends a substantial amount of time on JB- does not include retired admins - Pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle, Bowie Best MG Admin-Any admin who spends a substantial amount of time on MG- does not include retired admins - Seth Romero Most Missed Retired Admin- Anyone who has retired this year - Dev, Potato Best Traitor- Any TTT player - Josh Best Rebeller- Any JB player - Seth Romero Best Warden- Any JB Player - Pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle Best New Admin- Any admin added to the team this year - Eddie Most Significant New Member- Anyone added to the member roster this year - N/A Luckiest Person Award- Anyone who seems to get so lucky every time - Holikwakkemoli Best MG player- Anyone with Minigames skill - Seth Romero, Bowie, Mike The Unstoppable Award- Anyone, more specifically someone who is very hard to kill - Matt- Friendly Face Award- Any member of the community, someone that puts a smile on people's faces - N/A Most improved admin- Any admin - Eddie I think this is it.
  7. Best warden for JB goes to anyone who DOESN'T do custom games like shoot or no shoot, etc. lol
  8. Wow, I hope everything gets better for you man! Glad to know we have been so nice lately!
  9. So I would like to add some more people to the list I had made above. @num3rical, @Dev, @PotatoStyle, @Niall Ferguson, @MSWS, @Josh, and @Coach Krim. All these people but 1 are current staff but I choose to add them because they are so helpful and while I don't really talk with them often, they are still great people who have helped out a lot. And for Krim he was someone who I was able to talk to. Another reason for adding them is I believe they should be publicly announced just as much as everyone else was!
  10. This is hard to read, but yes, turrets deserve all the buffs
  11. Nope, the procedure deals with something in my lower back so I won't be able to sit up or lay down on my back. I have to either be standing or laying on my side. The reason I can't be physically active is because throughout the procedure they keep it as an open wound. Any physical activity would make me feel light headed.
  12. I was told my first time going through it that it’s common in young-adult males and that a lot of people usually go through it multiple times after the first. So I’ll probably get it another time. I think the only thing that changes is how long I go through the procedure considering I got surgery last time that was supposed to help.
  13. Throughout my life, I have always had a group of friends close to me for the last 11 years, (3rd Grade). During my Junior year of high school, (2017-2018), I had to go through a procedure that ruined my life. This procedure was painful and I couldn't be in any-form active for 8 months. My friends had learned how much fun they could have when I wasn't around, and I was left by myself with my own thoughts. Once the procedure had ended, I gained a small amount of weight which I've been working on losing lately, and I thought I could come back to my friends with open arms, but that didn't happen. I would see my friends in the halls at school and I wouldn't even say anything to them, I felt so distant. The years 2017, 2018, and 2019 have been the worst years of my life. Luckily, my family was there for me to have fun and laugh with but it didn't feel enough. I joined Defy this year in late July, but this isn't me talking about how great Defy is or how much I enjoy the platform, It's all about the people in this great community that helped me out and enjoyed having me around. I want to give a major thank you to everyone who had helped me out. @Seth Romero, @Nydekore, @Bowie, @Holikwakkemoli, @1stSavagerY, @Khirgoth, @ItzGray, @Eddie, @Thunder6uddy, @ellie, @Bluezyy, @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle, @StatTrak D-Boy l Janitor, @Cole, and @Izugoat. There are plenty of more people that had helped me out, but these are the people I have spent a lot more time with than the others. Anyone reading this, if you had made me laugh or at least happy, just know you should be in this list as well! I have found out in the past week that what I went through during my Junior year has come back. Tomorrow I have an appointment and I will have to endure this all once again. But if going through the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 with all the pain and problems I had would lead me to meeting these people and others. I would go through it all again just to re-live all the fun times I had with most of you! Lets hope everything goes well and that 2020 will be a greater year for anyone who hasn't been in their best recently! Thank you for such a great welcoming into the community and just being my friend.
  14. Hope to see you around! Welcome back
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