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  1. Down to turn it to 12, but 8 seems pretty low. When it’s 12 people it can get loud and annoying. But with 8 people, it can be a good time just talking with each other
  2. So, I recently got promoted to Event Manager (yay ), but I would like to figure out what games a lot of people have and what games they would like to be played. Some games I was looking at was Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Golf with Friends, Brawlhalla, Risk, and some others. Now obviously considering the goal is to have events every so often. Currently I would like to host gatherings or events every week, which, there will definitely be weeks without events every once in a while, other than that, this is the goal. Now doing this will possibly get boring considering they will be very consistent and we will have to rotate to games we already played. Events will be planned hopefully at least every 2 weeks, but, I would love to hear what games you guys have, and what games you think would be cool to have as an event. Please give me ANY ideas! Hopefully we can have some fun moments in the future!
  3. Congrats on 1 year! Definitely time to make some improvements and changes. I know I, and most of the community can count on you! (Also I will definitely be making fun of you later for this lol)
  4. All day of Friday, March 27, the Jailbreak server will have 3x Credits! YES 3X CREDITS, all day! Be sure to stop on by if you are able to. We will have a fun time!
  5. The issue with this post is that, now, people are going to start buying detective DNA Scanners more frequently, and it'll make players want its removal.
  6. Nothing, you are completely fine brother.
  7. If we decrease the DNA Scanner in any way, the only way I would agree with is to have a cool down between body identifications. My mind can’t be changed though, I feel like this is a silly topic
  8. If uses were decreased, then detectives would likely scan bodies killed by the same person, and degrading a detective ability doesn't seem like a smart move. We want every item in the shops for each role to be used or thought of. The main thing people save up for is to buy traitor. If we increase the price, no one would buy it, if we decreased its uses, then no one would buy it. It is completely fine with where it is at.
  9. When people get traitor they either delay a heavy amount of time or they start killing instantly. Traitors have 4 and a half minutes to win the round, they could spend just 30 seconds hunting down detective or using Traitor Voice/Text to start a coordinated attack. People are too quick to kill, and once the detective becomes a final survivor, then it will seem like he is overpowered... which he isn’t. If we decide to lessen the DNA Scanner, then we should at least make the taser loaded off round start. It has been like that for a longggg time
  10. You already know we are going to have some good times! Welcome back bro!
  11. Then go on the other post and give an idea....
  12. I am gonna vote for Nuketown, but if you are adding a bunch of secret doors, rooms and codes to the Haunted House... I am all for it!
  13. It’s definitely a good idea, I just personally wouldn’t know exactly how to make it. I don’t know if it would require changing server settings, or coding. But, if I could I would. Also many players might not enjoy the events so then it wouldn’t be enjoyable for them. Like for the special rounds that Senior Admins do, (drugs, speed, low grav, etc.) personally don’t enjoy the modes so I just ultimately get off sometimes. Maybe if we could find a way to get 2 servers, one for events and one for regular games, then things could possibly happen
  14. Mike

    Scribbl.io Event

    On March, 20, we will be playing Scribbl.io! The winner will receive 1,000 in game credits. Rewards are only going to be given for the first game, unless the game ends quickly, we will do a second with rewards. We will keep playing as long as many players are still wanting to play it. Hope to see you guys there! Time will be 6:00 PM CST (Central)! Rounds will be determined by player amount. First come first serve. All DEFY rules apply during the Event both what is typed/drawn in game or said in the voice channel.
  15. Already planned 👀
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