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  1. You were already practically gone, besides, only doing us a favor anyways ✌️
  2. What if we made it only available to members, which gives somewhat an incentive to make a member application. Usually when people ask what the perks of member are, they have a small reaction towards it, as in it isn't anything amazing. If we had this as member only, a bunch of new consistent players who play right now, would be making member applications. Now also, is it possible to make it where any weapons/knives that are used from the plugin, have absolutely no special names on them, this allows the people with actual skins, the ability to still show them off, as they normally would. If we do end up adding this, this has potential to be a giant boost for the server and where we could go in the future.
  3. We are going to miss you so much! Stay in touch with us!
  4. It was a good run. Happy to have met you man, good luck on everything going on, always here for you bro
  5. The axe is one of my favorite items, but, I never get to use it because it is utter garbage and useless. It definitely deserves a buff
  6. Yes, we need some refreshing new maps to play on!
  7. Say hello to some new victory screens I made (2.0). Any feedback is appreciated, please note any color changes, glow values, details, and whether these are better than the 1.0 versions or not.
  8. No one ever wants to play the warden, and when a new player tries, they just get told they are a terrible warden, and never want to play warden again. Sadly its that simple
  9. Agreed on a lot you said, hope everything goes well man! We had some fun times!!!
  10. Lets get some retired admins up in there!
  11. Dude, you need to try it. Trust me
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