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  1. The axe is one of my favorite items, but, I never get to use it because it is utter garbage and useless. It definitely deserves a buff
  2. Yes, we need some refreshing new maps to play on!
  3. Say hello to some new victory screens I made (2.0). Any feedback is appreciated, please note any color changes, glow values, details, and whether these are better than the 1.0 versions or not.
  4. No one ever wants to play the warden, and when a new player tries, they just get told they are a terrible warden, and never want to play warden again. Sadly its that simple
  5. Agreed on a lot you said, hope everything goes well man! We had some fun times!!!
  6. Lets get some retired admins up in there!
  7. Dude, you need to try it. Trust me
  8. Dude you have to watch Community, that show is amazing. It is directed by the Russo brothers as well
  9. Mike


    DEFY will always be a family to me. Not because of the platform, not because of the game, not because of the servers. But the people. Almost every single person I have met throughout the months has been a great friend of mine. Literally a family to me. I won't be on the servers much anymore, but, you can still always find me in discord or the forums. I am glad to have met everyone, really hoping I stay in touch with a bunch of you guys, but for now..... It is time to turn the page onto the second chapter. ❤️
  10. I do, just think it looks ugly
  11. Yeah, I remember plenty of times where everyone would be quiet for me to talk... 😂
  12. 193 Days. I am sure a lot of people remember me back then when I first joined. The quiet kid who just played the game. I made a great amount of friends on here that I wish stayed in the community as long as I did. I am sure if we met or talked, I liked you a lot. I am retiring as staff and will be leaving the community. You guys will for sure see me on every now and then as I am not sick of TTT, JB, or MG. It is time for me to move on to bigger things. I played on here for a lot of the summer, and decided to join the community officially. I joined October 1st and since then went from being member to a new admin, from then on I have gotten up to a General Admin of the TTT server. I will be on a lot this week so I can say good bye to a lot of friends that are still active here. These 193 days felt like they went so fast, and I met some of the best people and went through some of the craziest moments in my real life through this time. Moved into a new house, had a tree fall on it, get 4 other roommates, have surgery issues, connect with old real life friends, moved out and back with my parents, and now survive through a global pandemic. It is crazy to think of what happened through this time, and for it to all go by so fast makes it even more strange. Good bye everyone. ❤️ I honestly didn't think I would be leaving so soon.
  13. One word. Knife
  14. Mike

    Brawlhalla Tournament

    Rescheduling Event to Sunday, April 19. If not enough people are RSVP'ed, we will do a couple Free For All matches at 6 PM CST. Prize will still be 5000 credits. IF GOING PLEASE RSVP
  15. Alright, time to go on a map hunt again
  16. Mike

    Brawlhalla Tournament

    This Friday we will be playing a Brawlhalla Tournament. The tournament will go on all day. Anyone who is RSVP'ed will be entered in the tournament, BE RSVP'ed BY FRIDAY MORNING! Friday morning, a bracket will be made with all members of the tournament, @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzleand I will be hosting games, and Pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle is also the one funding the event. (5K Credit Prize) NOTE: Since the games will be going on for only a day, all messages will be sent through the forums so we have access to all members. ALSO...! If you take to long to respond, or busy at the moment, you will be disqualified and the next member will move on. Good luck to everyone!
  17. Personally I'm not a fan of it, I do understand that some people call false kos and it can happen a lot, but the point of the karma system is that if a mistake is made, you can get your karma back up, the karma system is to take care of the trolls/rule breakers when no admins are online. It also confuses players on whether it is association or not.
  18. For next Friday's event, I am looking towards having a Brawlhalla event. (April 17) Would you guys prefer it as a giant 8-player free for all, or as a 1v1 tournament? Either game style will be played all in a day, of course the tournament will take longer. If a player is not available for the 1v1 tournament, you will be disqualified. More info about the event will be given later on, just want to know what to start with. Please reply with any ideas, thoughts, anything!
  19. That is actually really good looking
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