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  1. Buying T allows someone to save their credits to have a known T round which I think is pretty fun. Allows them to plan what they're going to do the round prior etc.
  2. Had a dream of Savagery touching me
  3. Already seen this mans on and I like what I see
  4. I don't know you. Hi, I'm Waka
  5. Personally haven't had a problem with the detective revolver. Think it's fine where it stands.
  6. Detective of the year boys, killed 2 afk T's. 🤪
  7. I say once the missile is thrown, the T been shown for the duration of the missile, like the Tactical Awareness grenade. Revealing location. Just a thought
  8. As much as I hate it, it does allow people that don't have a mic or don't want to use their mic the ability to call a KOS efficiently through chat.
  9. Agreed, 8 is pretty low. 12 seems like a more stable area for the voice battery.
  10. This is Nala, she eats through our dry wall.
  11. How does one accidently get banned? 🤔
  12. According to my calculations, Nydekore is indeed a Racist nazi supremacist. The calculations will not be released to the public.
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