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  1. goodbye defy


  2. This is exactly what happened yes! and right when i killed him my karma (60) dropping down below 50. I Did nothing wrong but look at the person standing on top of a innocent body and I used my fucking brain and got banned.
  3. 10/21/19 I was playing on the new ttt update, along with the new update came a new karma system. I had a molotov and a couple of other grenades but there was a smoke grenade that i wanted instead of the molotov so I throw the molotov no where near anyone and some says "oh look someone threw a molotov let me sit inside of it so whoever threw it can lose karma." and so they did. I had nor have any idea who it was but after that my karma was 55 and on my t rounds I gained 1 karma every round, one of these rounds I got 3-4 kills and gained 2 karma. Later that evening i got my karma back to 60 and was relieved thinking I was safe but the next round an Innocent stood on top of a dead innocent body and I counted to 3 and he did not say or move at all, I kill him and two seconds later I am banned by the console. Whoever stood inside of my molotov knew what that they were manipulating my karma. It is to easy to lose karma, and to hard to gain karma.
  4. because we hate you! but ur my favorite t bud ❤️ ❤️ u pepe -friv
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