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  1. Still you shouldn't of left until you had confirmation that you are in the clear that's what I always do and it works
  2. Even if the rdm was false which from what I can infer that it wasn't you should never leave the round that you rdm no matter what
  3. We take the ultimate test of dominance and sacrifice the loser to the gods.
  4. Ok, Thank you I guess I just had a lot of coincidences with the players being T thank you for clearing things up.
  5. Guys Leave this post if all you have to add is toxic leave it alone ill just delete it and make a new one, both of you are not keen of me and are just using this to be toxic please stop.
  6. Craig I never said that you agreed with the idea I said that we are agreeing that you are disagreeing now. Yet this still doesn't change my suggestion for a 5v5 auto bhop server even though you brought up the fact that Mg has an auto bhop system I still think an autobhop comp would be a good idea.
  7. Cool!! I am still suggesting that we should add a 5v5 auto bhop comp glad we agree I think that an auto bhop would be a lot more fun !
  8. Craig if you don't have anything to add to the suggestion please stop responding to it
  9. I understand that you are not to keen with me but I don't think just cause you disagree with a suggestion you should be toxic about it and it is totally different in Mg
  10. Except normal comp is not auto bhop and is a lot more up tight Auto bhop Gives a whole different fun experience and I think its an area DEFY should go into
  11. I have done my research and tested in game that when you throw a Tactical Awareness grenade at someone it glows red if they are not Innocent (Traitor/Detective) I had some disagreements with other players who said it was not Kosable and most mods say they are unsure does anyone know the answer?
  12. That's an opinion I don't think it is a dead game mode I think it just needs more servers that give it the light it has hidden
  13. I disagree early today I was looking through all of the 5v5 auto bhop comp servers and I couldn't find any fun servers with a community that matches DEFY all of the servers were just dry I think that Defy would prosper with a new server like 5v5 auto bhop comp
  14. @compleksI think it would bring in a lot of new players who look for a more completive style play on community servers giving the owners more motivation to expand and makes updates/fixes.
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