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  1. This summer I hope to be on during night a lot because of the time difference, but I have school until end of june
  2. any negative number
  3. Too many great places to count, I have had great experiences everywhere
  4. Depends on how well the brownie was cooked
  5. You are completely right lol, TTT is a bit more of a open minded gamemode which leads to some conflicts
  6. I have a stand uo mic and a headset but id recommend a good headset with a good mic attached to it (HyperX Cloud)
  7. Ender

    CS:GO Alt Accounts

    It goes off IP
  8. That is a huge mistake take it from my experience, dont push it too much but nice job
  9. Best of luck Zach ❤️
  10. Best Smell: Opening a can of tennis balls Worst Smell: A fat person with BO
  11. Ender

    Double Credits

    Thanks Mark for that but you have to do it when I cant play smh
  12. Yeah still, it isnt 2013, I would give the 1080TI a solid couple of years since it is one of the most popular graphics cards. And also, the 2080 is just a year older than the 1080ti
  13. I definitely think the 1080ti is the safer bet because it is so reliable.
  14. If you want the new NVIDIA graphics series, get a 2080ti if you are already going to. And what do you mean by future proof? My apologies
  15. Generally for the 300 dollars, it is not worth it, the 2080 is better but honestly, I would not even pay a 150 dollar difference on them. It gets to a point of a difference of not a lot of frames, so for moneys sake and computers sake I would not recommend
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