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  1. Valorant has worse map design, however, they have a team that listens the community whereas CSGO doesnt, there are much less cheaters in Valorant, it is much more smooth for playing and much more versatile but lacks the simplicity that CSGO has. Up to preference, in terms of map design CSGO, in terms of Gameplay and Company, Valorant
  2. my main man Stewie Griffin?
  3. Have not been on in a while but hope to play soon after I become valorant, but how has life been for you
  4. When will it happen? And good idea
  5. Thank you for the nitro!
  6. For real though, back in the day VIP's had kevlar and helmet and it was so hard to play against it and it doesnt benefit less skilled players and makes sure people dont have as much fun. You would have to double dink with almost every weapon and makes it harder to chain kills together. Overall, maybe kevlar lowered to 30 and helmet to 15 kredits it would not be as bad and make it a viable buy
  7. What about Radeon Relive??? Share the love
  8. This summer I hope to be on during night a lot because of the time difference, but I have school until end of june
  9. Ender


    Too many great places to count, I have had great experiences everywhere
  10. Depends on how well the brownie was cooked
  11. You are completely right lol, TTT is a bit more of a open minded gamemode which leads to some conflicts
  12. I have a stand uo mic and a headset but id recommend a good headset with a good mic attached to it (HyperX Cloud)
  13. Ender

    CS:GO Alt Accounts

    It goes off IP
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