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  1. I skim through and have been for 2 years and frequently I look on the right blocks but I doubt people use the discover section
  2. it is never too late, but welcome!!!
  3. SG, CZ is there anything better?
  4. Ender


    Oh my Ninja hey, hope to see you around
  5. Try to come back dont listen to Dark, JB and TTT are pretty fun to play, I hope to see ya around
  6. Ender

    5v5 Tournament


    Active Duty maps and it will be a pick and ban, and these games probably can be seen/spectated
  7. Ender

    Story Time

    In real life, someone called a kos on a person that commited a crime and I followed the kos, then I got arrested and when I went to the jury I said he was kosed for killing a inno I then got out of all trouble and was compensated due to a misunderstanding.
  8. Imagine being a Favela
  9. You can pirate many video makers but you can also use movie maker easy
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