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    Update Rules

    Ok so Assocation is a very broad term and can be used in many ways and the issue is it is up to interpretation. Assocation should be high sused and never kosed because if you believe someone is associating high sus them and run then kill them later, calling a kos would create issues like the kiki situation but at some moments, I dont shoot if two people are shooting each other(usually when i have bad karma) and due to this it isnt really Assocation. There does not have to be a rule for it, there has to be a definition for it. I used to say if it is 100%blatant then kos them because that is how I was told when I came back but now, since it is NOT under kosable acts, it isnt kos. Technicall y it is already in the rules that association is high susable and ever since I had a talk with Josh about it, it makes sense. Association to be kosed will create more issues then solve. Second of all, sus is sus and honestly if you feel suspicion due to something high sus them because T's should only be in danger of dying if they dont delay. Third of all, you can go in a t only chat. I like the other proposals of enforcment and the issue of a D having a mic, the only thing that differentiates a I and a D is a tazer and 10 health and a better buy menu. Prop Pushing is already kosable because only T's can only push people off or prop push... if a inno does it, it is kosable. I like the rest of it tho, very nice ideas to put out and hopefully many other people can put out their insight. - Ender
  2. Ender


    Ok so recently ever since I started being very active I have seen many great things but at the same time terrible things like harassment toward people. (Warning Rant Post) So basically, a lot of you are very great people and keep on being you but this goes out to the people who are not The question is: What is so enjoyable about shit talking other members especially females and young people? There are so many young people and some females who play and get bombarded with harassment and personally it is really sad, what is the point of making fun of them? They are still people and in the case of the young people, you were young once too, would you have wanted that to happen when you were younger? If you want to know something also, sometimes younger people are not as mature so they might be annoying but still be patient. All they do is want to play, and if you show kindness trust me, younger people are really fun to play with. For the female aspect, what makes a 16 year old female different from a male through the internet? Their voice in most scenarios. There is no reason to pick on them because odds are if you pick on them, you probably will never get a girlfriend or you have some type of issue that makes you flame them for no reason (and btw, not every girl is a thot or a whore)(and sorry for the aggressiveness there). Overall, if everyone displayed a little bit more kindness toward everyone we can make the servers that much better and if someone is causing issues do a /call, record and send it in for player complaints, make sure you tell the guy that flaming is wrong, if he is really annoying you can always mute them with no issue through csgo ,and fellow admins, please we need to be very strict on these sorts of things. We need to start enforcing this heavily and once someone has been muted enough times, they might actually learn and we can make steps to make a better environment and everyone who isnt an admin just be courteous and nice. 95% of the people who are harassed because of age, gender or whatever are actually really nice people to talk to and good people. For all you people that are amazing and great, thank you and it is a pleasure to play with you guys and to talk to you guys, im blessed to be part of such a great community and to have so many friends that I trust and love talking to, love you all and lets lower down the toxicity together. - Ender
  3. Ender


    LOL Just take the time to roast him😂😂😂
  4. Ender

    Week 1 Giveaway

    So congratulations @Zach for the VIP! And @Fsjal since I sent you something special also
  5. Ender

    Week 1 Giveaway

    So we have a issue, Fsjal and Zach were tied for 1st place in the poll so there needs to be a tiebreaker so vote please, this post will last 8 hours
  6. Ender

    Week 1 Giveaway

    /gag uwu 4320
  7. Ender

    Another Editing Project

    I really like it and I really dont believe that you clipped my fail lol but anyway quality content
  8. Ender

    Defy Giveaway Week 1

    One day left! At 12 CST I will close the poll for now it looks like @Fsjal vs @Zach For the prize
  9. Ender

    Defy Giveaway Week 1

    Hello guys, week 1 has officially started and there have been 9 people who have entered the giveaway! Congrats to @Garfield @Lars @BeastNova @Connor @Ghxst @Zach @ItzGray @Felix @TDISP for entering! Good Luck to everyone and the person with the most amounts of votes on this poll will get VIP and the person with the second most will recieve 100 commends!
  10. Ender

    obamagon (and i'm going w/ him)

    Wow dre dont even get a mention... see how it is... but in reality really nice talking to you and seeing you in IEM I hope your adventures take you in the right way. Good luck!
  11. Ender

    Happy got a job???

    I have had a intership for the past 10 years and that is gaming so due to that, I dont want to waste all the experience so no job for me but congrats on your job and remember csgo skins should be your #1 expense
  12. Both times were for the wrong reasons tho, and he is just giving a opinion on how good it is and informing everyone. He isnt copying anything, he is just formatting his ideas about items.
  13. Ender

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    When I was a mod and mods had to fill out forms to ban people, I put the name Dr. Pepper under a admin's steam id and got him to ban himself, same thinf happened with never done but I just banned him straight up, then un banned then re banned ( He was ok with it)
  14. Ender

    Do you fold or crumble

    It isnt a failed homework assignment, its an ass wiping tool, I have never heard of crumblers lol
  15. Honestly, its pretty weird to have a conversation about furry pictures, am I the only one?
  16. Ender

    Dedicated SCP server.

    What is the game about?
  17. Ender

    Defy Giveaway!

    Hello guys, as mentioned in the Title, @1stSavagerY and I will be having a giveaway for the these items: VIP x4 100 Commends We will be giving these away in a series of challenges and things to do. Every single week 1 VIP will be given away and for the first week, both VIP and the commends will be given out. Savage and I both wanted to give something and since a lot of people that play a lot on the servers a lot, VIP seems the most suitable. Rules: If you are already VIP, you cannot be added to this until your VIP is lost, and please, if you have the means to afford VIP, be courteous and do not enter Do not make many accounts on the forums for the first week, it is both against the rules and not fair to other people Please do not be toxic toward people who win and if you do not get it, please do not be a sore loser You must have at least 15 hours played on DEFY Ok, so after the introduction, I will be announcing the first week of giveaways! from today 10/02 to 12/02 enter through this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWLhxhAHYJpuHhb8sXCOg0qr0MB4cXzraIPhHQimUbVRn0fg/viewform?usp=sf_link After you enter that link, there will be a poll on the forums and the person who receives the most votes this week will get VIP so basically you have to campaign for your VIP. The google form will close and the poll will be made at 12/02 and everyone has until 17/02 and the person with the most votes gets VIP. The person with the second most votes gets 100 commends on their profile. Also, Make sure to spread some love to @1stSavagerY GOOD LUCK TO ALL!
  18. Ender

    Preview Shop Items?

    Dark the credit shop not this
  19. Ender

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    Too many for me to pick out one
  20. Ender

    some banners i made

    Quality, defy graphic designer?
  21. Ender

    Preview Shop Items?

    I feel like you just go off other people and a lot of the things on the shop are pretty explanatory and usually you know what you are getting. I dont think it is a big issue and sometimes, for few items, just take a risk.
  22. Ender

    My (Not Great) Attempt at Video Editing

    I like how you clipped me and nice job on the video, I really enjoyed watching this.
  23. Ender

    Adding sound-abuse to the rules.

    @Felixit is already against the rules in the sense that it violates common courtesy and when someone asks you to stop they should stop, and honestly, it gets annoying and I think warning arent enough for this. Although it is minor, it is still very annoying and personally, for me, after giving a warning a slay should happen.

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