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  1. i will destroy you. my wrath knows no bounds
  2. The axe in the T shop isn't rewarding enough, and hitting someone with it when thrown should instaklill instead of doing only 80 damage @MSWSi said it first >;3
  3. These REALLY fuckin own, mike. Not sure how you did it, but I'm 1000000% down for these being added!!! Amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dee

    Good Stuff

    She will be
  5. Dee

    Good Stuff

    Yum,,, And a good one at that :p.
  6. Upvotes are broke but +1 Can be fun to be there every once in a while but some people go there every round and camp. Making it a 2 way might help somehow?
  7. Dee

    Good Stuff

    Ooh donuts are good 😛 Welcome back!!! Glad to have you 😛
  8. Its been rainy for the past few days and recent events have really killed the vibes. Share something good thats happened to you recently! Anything goes!
  9. Too many RDMs No gun = less rdm If you disagree you are wrong
  10. Dee

    Rules? Why?

    I was mainly concerned that the rule would be used too harshly. I hate getting called slurs and people calling everything gay still bothers me. I can understand that these things are natural to some people, but I dont think a game server would survive long if they cracked down on every infraction. I was (obviously and thankfully) wrong about that. Still don't like transphobes lol
  11. You have my vote! #MakeDEFYToxicAgain
  12. Dee

    Rules? Why?

    I guess I misunderstood, sorry. Earlier people spoke about it like it was very strictly enforced and that was where my concern came from
  13. I needed a catchy title, sorry ;3 Recently, the general rules were updated to include a discrimination section, barring players from using slurs, hate speech, or drawing hateful symbols, etc. At first, I was overjoyed! I've argued a few times with people who can't seem to get it through their skulls that some things should be left unsaid. My excitement, however, was short lived. Although this "blanket rule" was implemented with only the best intentions, it may have unforseen consequences. I know for a fact that a LOT of people use words like "gay" as a one-size-fits-all term for many things. Got shot from a weird angle? That's gay. Got KOS'd by someone across the map? Well, that's gay too. It can get annoying, yeah, but it's almost never used in a hateful way, nor is it used to target a specific player (most of the time). Obviously, this is one example of what is now considered a rule break (warn + mute). Again, I understand that this rule was made with good intentions, but to punish someone for a non hateful, unconscious use of a word seems over the top. I propose that instead of a new, strict rule, the old Trolling/Harassment rule is updated to include /intentionally/ hateful speech, including slurs and symbols of hate. I hope others can give feedback, too. DEFY is a great community full of lovely people, and I know a good few people have expressed their thoughts on the new rule. I'd love to hear what others have to say! Leave comments n shit! Go buck wild! Burn down the pond! Ps. As of writing I am very tired. This isnt meant to be SUPER serious, but I mean what I say.
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