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  1. Madder


    I'll miss ya man, you were one of the first friends for me on the Defy... well, everything. You are the prime example of someone who is following their dreams and someone who is doing what they love. You are a great friend and always will be. I love ya Mike. Hope we stay in touch man! Today... I shed a man tear. 😢
  2. I didn't have anything unfortunately
  3. Nyde, why do you have to be like this xD
  4. Wizard 101 for sure. Thats a throwback
  5. I'm a bit toxic and can be a bit mean, but I want to say that I am going to be changing. I'm going to be changing the way I act, I can't continue to act the way that I have been. I need to represent the clan in a better way, so I will stop acting so childish, trust me, off server I will continue to act this way off clan, but you will get to see the new me only on server. Thank you. - Samuel
  6. 1 cat and 1 dog, dog = Macy, cat = Cocoa
  7. I personally think I can be kinda toxic and want to fix this, what do you think about me so I can become a better person?
  8. Because I don't have the money to pay each month for vip
  9. spooder-man: the meme one
  10. Should people be able to exchange weapon skins for shop credits? I personally would love this as I have skins I don't want and want more shop credits to finish my all green combo. What do yall think?
  11. I can agree with people accidentally using it as a traitor. I was in a call with Magma on Discord and my push to talk key was c and I forgot I had accidentally binded it to c. So I called kos on him when he was my T buddy.
  12. I very much agree with this, it just shortens the time period to call it.
  13. Calm down Pinky. I may have a perfect one but I'm sure it'll be ruined at some point.
  14. I agree with this, we had like 8 of us go to the minigames server and play on it for like 3 or 4 hours and people who we didn't know started to join the server and play!
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