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  1. I can relate to this so much, I also act in the moment and regret my actions later...
  2. I'LL MISS YOU FLYTE! I didn't get to know you well but I enjoyed you in the server whenever you were playing. Miss you man ;-;
  3. Agreed, Jailbreak and Minigames need to come first
  4. That is fair, but quite a bit of players in Defy surf, so if they ever get bored of playing TTT, or they get too stressed, they can just hop on there!
  5. I have been surfing for ages and love doing it as a side thing, but if Defy were to have a surf server I would be surfing on it almost 24/7. I would love to see this happen and I would also put in an Administrative Request just to keep the server clean. What do you all think of this?
  6. I wish I could upvote but I can’t, have already reacted too many times today🤣
  7. I want to change my name on here to Void instead of Danny Devito, am I allowed to do this? If so, how. Edit: I just found that I can get a free one because I was accepted, how do I claim that?
  8. Hi, I have recently become a junior member. I am not too good at introductions or goodbyes, but I will try my best. I had a PC for 3 years and then I got the bluescreen of death. I was without a PC for 3 years. I finally got one on the 21st of January and I am back in the CS:GO community after so long. This community has accepted me and has made me one of their own. I can't thank this community enough for what you guys have done. Thank You.
  9. This is very good feedback, I will 100% use your advice. But I would still love to give back to the community!
  10. I have already thought of this and I have already started searching for a development kit to use to make an alpha build, but if I were to make a full app, I would need consistent contact with the owners to make it as close as possible to what they want!
  11. I can't on my XR, I wonder why?
  12. Well for one you cannot see upvotes on anything like you can on the computer, and the webpage glitched out for me whenever I pressed on my profile.
  13. Well, the pinned forum states that people want an app, but the solution was to just put the website on your home screen. But the website is very glitchy on mobile.
  14. Hi, I’m in Informational Technologies Academy at my Career Center. I have had past experience in coding, and when I finally learn how to make apps on phones, I could probably make an app for DEFYclan! I just wanted to get this information out there for the staff to think about it! That’s all!
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