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  1. yea I agree, I'll sign the petition for a minecraft server.
  2. again if you care so much about your ban and think it was false try to contact the admin that banned you, my experience with appeals has been good I got 2 false bans removed in like a day or less idk if you're still having that problem but it could be gone who knows.
  3. I understand what you're saying and I can agree yes nyde is ore involved in the community more than bowie, again not saying he was bad he's helped me with some punishment appeals. With what you said before "You are again dodging the point that most people who I see get falsely punished or feel they have been falsely punished, dont want the admin punished, they just want their punishment gone" I am not dodging the point, you can still make an appeal and contact and admin if it worries you so much, ask gray or ms to talk to someone if the can it doesn't matter you just have to communicate. You also said " I joined for my first time in ttt and kosed the detective after like 20 mins of playing and apparently I had a false kos warn from 6+ months before and I got a 7 day ban although no harm was committed. Tell me that is just." Yes it was just fun, but it still is breaking the rules even tho its harmless fun, but then again I do agree the admins can be a little less harsh with things like this because even tho you did break the rules it was just harmless fun, I do still have to say they have every right to punish you for it because it still is breaking the rules. You honestly just have to communicate more if you want things fix, if I got banned falsely I would make an appeal wait a day, if nothing happens I'll either ask and admin if they can get someone to fix it OR I'll ask a member I know to ask an admin to fix it, it's really as easy as that. Also with that way you don't get that admin punished which was a point you made. That's all I have to say.
  4. Defy is also one of the most well kept servers for TTT, yes it can be very strict but at the same time that's what makes the game fair and it's maintaining a good healthy server. I do agree that we can be less strict with some rules, but especially with the new rules, most likely less punishments will occur due to the fact that they're more laid back and forgiving, also gives new players less of a chance to make a mistake. With the forums and making posts, yes I feel like more admins should be able to control things on the forums to speed things up, but from what I've experienced it was really quick to get a response (besides my player complaint). Making an Admin complaint is a way for us to not have a corrupt server and to maintain it well. Even tho it might take a while for someone to see your Admin complaint or whatever, if you just ask an admin to take a look at it, it will most likely be done quickly. Warning system is fine to me, only thing I think can change is warning go away quicker or something. For me I still love the server and I have only been banned once, when I get a warning I see my mistake and move on, the Admin tells me what I did wrong then I don't do it again, easy. Warning can be more forgiving I agree, but at the same time is there to warn you so you don't do it again it's not hard to not break rules, ESPECIALLY with the new rules being easier to go by with more logic. I also agree with mark saying that Admins bring information when they "argue" they help the player figure out what they did wrong, and if that player keeps going on with it then they need to mute them so they can carry on. Overall I think we're getting better as a server, I 100% agree we can be more laid back and more forgiving especially to newer players and just try to refresh their memory of the rules if they break em. I personally have had some really great times with Admins 1 on 1 like msws, shado, also some players, .alex, fine and a bunch of others. All I'm saying is that we can improve but we're defiantly doing better.
  5. I love the admins we have, the do help new people and I've seen it multiple times, but what I do think admins need to have more fun and to be more forgiving and make a person feel like they're learning from them getting slayed or whatever punishment they get. From what I see it feels as admins talk down or laugh at people for messing up which could make it less fun, that's just my opinion though.
  6. CS:GO because it takes more skill and is more difficult to learn and in my opinion it makes it more fun. CS just has so many different aspects that are more complicated than what Valorant has. Valorant was made to be simple and for anyone to be able to play and do good, the flashes turn by themselves, you can open a map to place smoke where you want and through walls, you can blind people through walls, have a second life, there's so many things that make the game way more simple than CS:GO. If you want an easier game that takes less learning choose Valorant, but if you want something more complicated with more guns, maps, communities, players and just overall a harder but more rewarding time choose CS:GO.
  7. That is true, I agree karma can be used more for gambling which I think could make it more fun for the Innocents since they can use more logic. Really the only thing I'm worried about are the Traitors complaining that it is unfair or something like that, overall might be a good idea to try out.
  8. This could be something to test, however in my opinion I feel like a lot of people will get mad, frustrated and may even be an increase the amount of RDM. With T's being able to teleport (!tele) it could lead to multiple situations where an Innocent is killed instead of a Traitor. I personally think that it will lead to more conflicts in TTT, but the only way to find out is to test it :).
  9. In-Game Name: FaZe Bible Steam ID64 76561198166726076 Age: 13 Discord Username?: Bible Why do you want to join DEFY?: Good server, I played for a while and I know almost everyone on it. All I do is play ttt on cs soooooo... How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? More Admins on throughout the day, because there can be a lot of RDM and toxic nono's on. What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? Somewhat hard to understand but fun once you get to learn everything a meet all the people. Who invited you to DEFY?: no one, but i bet people would Would you like to change your username or keep it? Keep my username New Username Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
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