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  1. In-Game Name: Theaxelord Steam ID64 76561198888015271 Age: 17 Discord Username?: OE Theaxelord#7007 Why do you want to join DEFY?: I started playing ttt a while ago and i absolutely love and clan so much, I really want to become an admin because I spend many hour online without admins on and it gets ruined becuse of the constant rdm and trolls. So this is a good step since ive been declined on all applications so far. How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? More active staff. there is only staff on about 30 percent of the time and some of the staff can be kinda abusive with there powers. What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? Very well organized. Who invited you to DEFY?: No one, I just Feel like i can be a big part. Would you like to change your username or keep it? Change my username New Username Defy | Theaxelord Have you read our server rules & community standards? No
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