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  1. So, in no way do I have the authority to implement changes or anything, but we can always suggest changes, I wanna know the communities ideas for rule changes or balances or fixes should be added to round out TTT! Personally, I think the T-shop should have a credits cap of around 550 or so, but they save from game to game. I say somewhere around 550 so that you cant buy T 2 rounds in a row. Maybe every day or so the credits in the T-shop will reset, or maybe just not reset at all. I know personally I'll realize I have some extra credits, and its quite a bummer when they all go away next map. Enough about my ideas, what are yours?
  2. Shado


    Hope you come to love it! We could always use more players.
  3. I say yes, but with what ms said. It would suck for people like me who have a knife, but want to show they actually have it. If you can make it so that they cant use nametags or maybe stattrack, i'm in. I just really like gloves so I really want the gloves part.
  4. welcome to hell.
  5. Loved all the times we played, hope to see you around still. Good luck in everything you do!
  6. scripting pogchamp "...my macro isn't good enough to get me banned."
  7. Was always great playing with you, I wish you the best of luck in the future! Adios.
  8. You were unbanned from any false bans, but best of luck wherever you go.
  9. Clean as fuck, another good ass job from @Wren.
  10. +rep +rep +rep +rep yesyesyes
  11. These. Are. Fucking. Awesome.
  12. Okay so I have recently made the swap to streched-res and now the defy clock timer thing is giant asf. Can you like shrink it or can you implement that or am I just screwed?
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