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  1. There are some moral lawyers and politicians. but the majority of attorneys are immoral. there are definitely some moral attorneys, but most are not. I you want to be successful enough to help many people and to pay off your college debts, you almost always have to be immoral. Screwing people over on technicalities is the job of an attorney, and I think we can agree that this is immoral when the cost is a chunk of time from someones life, or their well being. not trying to argue this furhter. point still stands. there are many jobs that are more moral than attorneys.
  2. hope you know that attorneys are notoriously immoral. There are 1000 other jobs you could do to embrace your morality. the essence of attorneys, especially defense attorneys, is to lie, twist words, make impropable hypotheticals, and run with emotion to convict a person or defend a criminal. Im not trying to say that you cant be one, I just dont want you to head in a direction for the wrong reason. you will be dissapointed. analogy- many people who want to be politicians really want to do better for the community and nation, but once they enter politics and get power, they realize they cant be a successful politician by actually caring for everybodies needs and wants. this is a non-partisan view. a presidential candidate could say they want the people to have this and that, but they know they really dont care or it is impossible more than half the time. analogy over. anyways, many of our laws in the US are not moral themselves. you would be using an immoral system to justify your morality. if you want to really do good for the community, become a social worker. pay is a littlte off, but that shouldnt matter if its what you truly want to do.
  3. Why yall sleepin on Pr0fs like this? he was the perfect defy member and admin in my eyes. When I first joined, I basically came to mass, but I met pr0fs and actually like the community solely because of him. He was considerably older than me and I was VERY annoying, but he didnt care, he talked to me, took interest in what I was doing, remembered what I would talk about, etc. He had no reason to befriend me, I really didnt bring anything to the table for him or defy. He just did it because he was a cool guy. And for administering the server (mostly ttt), he was very lenient on unnecessary punishment, if a player didnt want the offending player to be punished, they would go unpunished, If you rdmed profs, he would most likely not care unless it is blatant and you try to lie about it. He did keep the server under control by muting mic spammers and people who are annoying on purpose and still held the same punishment standards for his friends as other normal players. Very mature himself as well. Newish admin procedure has kept admins from replicating profs' punishment philosophy, by requiring mandatory punishment on rule breakers. But I still have yet to meet someone on defy who is as friendly as pr0fs. and lastly, his friendship wasnt exclusive. He didnt just befriend me, but anyone he could. Pr0fs made ttt more of a hangout spot, a social media if you will, than its original game play intent. Instead of being competitive and getting on ttt to get most kills or win, you would get on ttt to talk with people. He made it a vehicle for conversation and social interaction. He realized that people go on ttt to have fun, not to roleplay law following or complain simulator. Any defy staff should look up to pr0fs and replicate any thing he did to the best of their abilities. They will in essence, be my favorite staff member with profs. - Pr0fs left on his own terms and outgrew video games and started taking his life seriously. edit- oh shoot, this is a somewhat old thread. just realized. woops. please dont "content bump" warn me.
  4. i love how Anno decided to have multiple endings (3) so it isnt a waste of a good foundation. ep 1-15 of NGE were probably my favorite concurrent episodes of anime ever. the movies provide an interesting outcome where saleen doesnt take over but nerv is infiltrated by itself. and the other girl, I hate her as a character, she is so forgettable and over the top. Im talkiong about the pink one and sadly, she plays a big role in 3 + 1 as seen in the trailer.
  5. So, there is a new movie, coming out, that I want to see, and since defy has a lot of weebs, I would like to strike up a conversation. To preface, I have only watched 3ish animes, half of AOT, half od jojo, evangelion, and all of dragonball (DB, DBS, DBZ) so I am not extreme anime watcher. And I have reading so the anime is always better. So the movie was supposed to come out on the 27th but it is delayed said by anno himself. ;( sad boi hours I dont know how Im going to watch it because i watched all of the others on pirate websites and this one is new and you cant even get a dub of 3.0 yet. Yes, I like the dub because shinji and all of the other characters' jap voice actors sound like they're 10 years old and it is weird to listen to 5th grader misato. So this was just to start a conversation and I would like to reply to replies from the vast defy weeb fan base.
  6. I am writing this in a 3 am random adrenaline high so it will most likely be deleted later. It is also going to be me ranting about my current, past, and future life. People usually take nostalgia as a good thing but to me, it is like a drug, possess upfront benefits, but shortly after the bad effects outweigh the good. This has been my look on it since i was around 12 and still is now. It came to me while listing to "feel so close" by calvin harris during the part when the guys were walking through an upper mid class neighborhood in the middle of the desert (i guess in CA, NV, or AZ) and they were goofing around and ran into a group of cheerleaders and they had a silly "dance off". Now why nostalgia is a bad thing in my eyes is because when I experience it, I am not remembering events that I miss in my adolescence but I am trying to implant those types of memories of being with friends in the middle of the summer messing around, into my head. I never really had any friends (my character in real life does not branch far off at all from my character online) and never had those experiences to satisfy me. This is all self induced and I am not trying to put full direct blame on other things, but I can to a point. I have always been spoiled and have gotten most of what I want and I am really lazy thus lowering my self-esteem due to lack of achievement and thus giving me heavy social anxiety. (one of the unspoken reasons why i stopped talking and playing). I am at a point in my life (just turned 17) where I have either supposed to have lived it all, or try hard doing so, but I have done neither. I am afraid of the future and want to be young again, I wish i could relive those many moments where I never took the chance. I have lived my life with no challenge and I well know how much that contrasts the future. A couple of weeks ago, I had a dream where I was standing in my college wandering around with nothing to do because it was only a few days before my college would start. I sat in a desk and started crying because I didnt want to go forward. I woke up in my bed balling my eyes out for hours. I have always had anxiety since at least third grade and It has been painstakingly high ever since I turned 17. I am carrying a debt I cannot pay. I know I will not be able to live up to my parents nor their expectations and I have a pretty good sense of how my life will turn out. I have been thinking about this for every night since my birthday and to all the people reading this under 17, live your life, because once you pass 17, the weight of reality starts to fall on you. College life will not be fun for me because my parents are not supporting me whatsoever once I turn 18, so I am doing ROTC and that will cancel out most of the "fun and partying" you would do in college. I guess it kinda hurts to know that only the worst is to come and the best is coming to an end. Defy has been fun. When I originally got onto the defy ttt server, I was coming on to mass rdm and not care, but @pr0fs really showed me what a cool server it was and completely changed my mind, he doesnt even know about this. Lately (past 6 -8 months), the server has been getting less chill and more "ruley" and it is not helping my anxious personality anymore. this is the brag---> I will again flex that I was the longest active member of defy clocking in at a little more than 3 years (joined jan 21 2017). I have been here longer (while active) than the HA's and every current staff excluding Mark. So i have seen a lot, I am like the giver of memories, or a scribe. "I get why I came here, but I forget why I stayed" -the midnight But now, like a basic defy member, I would like to make my shoutouts The absolute top people that I have to thank for the ride are @pr0fs @ItzGray @Dev @PotatoStyle @pepehands @past (who doesnt seam to exist anymore) @liv (same here) @Niall Ferguson (this one"may" jog yall's memory) @neubeerocks367 @Never Done and @Josh for being a cool and always understanding person. One who didnt put up with shit but was still like the nice dad to us. @(and many others) ^yall were the greatest. It was nice to not only have the good experience of the server at the time, but the mass amount of people who amplified it even more. A possibility of this fortune could be the shared taste in all of us to just fuck around and have fun. most of the people including me are gone now. It is nice to hop on ttt and play with the OG's when they return self realization---> I have owned up to being toxic many times before so it wont mean anything extra right now. But i was, I was really toxic (part of that social anxiety i mentioned before) and i can swear that I was not always like that. I am sorry if you were deeply affected by it and am willing to write a personal apology to you on discord. I hope I can get out of this slef destructive lifestyle and i guess dropping some of the video games i play is a good first step. ( not that this is what this is fully about) Defy just got boring to me and the community changed to a more sensitive type that I dont fit into I was going to make a doc with fellow comrades on why I am leaving Defy but now, that would be pointless because the point wanst to get other people to leave but to make myslef feel better on leaving and that would just be beating a dead horse. Wow, imagine actually reading this far in one of my rants. applause to you. pr0fs best staff, he did us well
  7. yeah, dont understand all the hate, the guy said that the community doesnt fit him and he does not have good opinions about the admins. those are valid points to be making on why you would leave.
  8. Pr0fs on top please, above mark and ovo
  9. clearly i am too slow to pick up on this.
  10. I dont think the hardware people have actually matters, especially since most people can run cs at least around 100 fps. It is the network connection. if you have bad internet, it will take a bigger toll on your bandwidth.
  11. I have played on 128 tick servers and it is a lot nicer than 64 tick. Also, point 2 debunks point 1. If the difference was so small, how could you prove that people with worse connections are actually at a disadvantage? anyways, most people have a connection that can surpass 64 tick requirements. If the two different tick levels didnt matter, than i guess it is a waste when 1v1 servers and retake servers and faceit servers use 128 tick. Many hitbox issues are cause by the low tick rate and i have a couple of videos of my own showing these hitbox issues. The real reason why defy doesnt use 128 tick servers and valve doesnt either is because it is more expensive. I do not mind this reason. It is a good one. If mark cant afford or cant make a profit buying more expensive servers, then it would be pointless. From personal experience, 128 tick makes a difference and I dont think one person on reddit can disprove 128 tick entirely like this one tried, without any proof or evidence. He says "128 tick makes no difference", I say "it does, and I know this through experience".
  12. I am for this as a lot of people dont read rules and they call false koses. Happened to me twice yesterday. but through the common sense of the other players, they decided not to kill me because they knew the kos was false. Some players also might not want to kill people unless there is a reason provided with the kos so this reinforces their playing choices. sometimes, I dont kill kosed people because I might think it is a false kos or they may have been near me the whole round and I didnt see anything traitorous. what are you going to do otherwise, make it a rules that you HAVE TO follow koses? that would be silly, it would feed people who may false kos intentionally. It would cause major disputes between admins and players if the player is not trying to lose karma or if they knew it was a false kos.
  13. 1. a bit of an overreaction in my book. 2. why does your recording look like that? it looks like i am watching it through a fountain.
  14. yeah, thats why is made sure to say "super safe space", to imply that rules would be implemented too harshly.
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