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  1. server averages 3 people, but I see way more people saying that it needs to be revived. if you want it back, you gotta play it
  2. There is a thread on this. yes, people play ttt. no, nobody* plays ttt on defy. *very few people and not an actual functioning server
  3. its still decently slow. From my experience and others that I have heard, it takes about 3-4 days to have your appeal viewed and resolved or closed. Many bans are 1-3 day bans so the appeal is usually not even worth it. I appealed once and got unbanned before the appeal was even discussed. small things like that
  4. bible, usually they imply that they dont want you to dm admins or message admins about complaints or appeals. Im not saying that I was banned unfairly, but that the rule was still silly and it is a flaw with the warning system. I feel, like I said before, that a player should be able to get their punishment removed just by dming a higher up with counter evidence.
  5. I dont dislike it, I literally said I dont want to see it go down. The point of my paragraphs, as I say in every one, is that I want to give feedback from people I know or my experience of problems with defy. Since its generally safe to assume that something is wrong, pointing out instances or practices that would make a player want to leave, is constructive criticism and points out the problems I think and a few others think are wrong with the server(s). And please dont think im here saying "this is why I hate defy with all my guts and its so trash blah blah blah". Similar to how I think america is really bad for a lot of reasons, I still choose to live here and not move elsewhere because America gives you the ability to change the country, no other country in the world comes the slightest bit close to america for people's influence. Defy can be changed and I can influence it to be better. However, I do hope you and all of the server are still having a good time and any grudges that I seemed to hold in the past, are now gone, especially since I have seen yall (including you nyde) "grow" and change for the better (not that yall were bad). The servers I dont play (very rare I do), but the community I stay for and thats something defy can say it has, a strong community, even if we are not talking about player community. I do also have more faith in you than bowie since you are more "like" the players and have more contact with them. An inherent flaw with bowie (not flaming) is that he was significantly older than the general player base so no one could actually relate and although he had HA tasks to do, no one ever (most of the time) saw him on servers and actually interacted with him. There are qualities to those characteristics, but they dont really show when we are talking about managing a csgo server/clan community. Good luck! *disclaimer- I am not stating that bowie was a bad HA or was a bad community member, but that nyde has more/better characteristics for working with players.
  6. my bad, I meant 4 sticks vs 2 sticks. The video you provided is irrelevant because its on an intel cpu that actually supports quad channel, the 3600(x) does not. I woll not "blame" you for it as it was my fault in wording. I rephrase, 4 sticks of ram for a 3600(x) will usually be slower than 2. This is because the 3000 series heavily relies on memory speed and latency, which drops when oyu introduce 2 more dimms. again, my bad/fault, but the new claim should stand true with my research and personal testing on my 3600.
  7. It actually will. Dual channel is proven to be better for gaming than quad channel. Stick with 2 dimm sticks if you can. I dont think anyone needs 32 for gaming, but by the time 32gb is needed, affordable 2x16gb kits will be available.
  8. You are again dodging the point that most people who I see get falsely punished or feel they have been falsely punished, dont want the admin punished, they just want their punishment gone. And admin complaints/punishment appeals are not perfect either. I will not say his name, but he made a punishment appeal and his punishment was not revoked even though he was able to prove he didnt break any rules. However, defy staff made a rule against what he did after they denied his complaint. Appeals also take a while to be processed (under bowie since that was my last real time on defy) and other people would agree. I dont know how the warnings work now, but as of 5 months ago, you had no cooldown on warnings and an accident can happen within x amount of time. I joined for my first time in ttt and kosed the detective after like 20 mins of playing and apparently I had a false kos warn from 6+ months before and I got a 7 day ban although no harm was committed. Tell me that is just. And from what I have heard, they removed the rule right after I was banned and just made the punishment a mute or slays. My punishment was not revoked however. The warning system may have been changed but I didnt feel its changes if it was. I have seen an increasingly amount of players who used to play on defy, have now moved over to other servers, especially Karma. The servers problem isnt entirely a "loss of momentum", but a loss of attraction. Bigger changes need to happen if defy wants to stay afloat. I am not rooting for defy as I am not at all passionate towards it like I used to be, but I dont want to see it go down either.
  9. no, not for arguing in dms. the content does not have to be regarding punishment, it can be anything. And I dont have specific examples for each admin doing this or that because I have not played in a while, but i can assure you, I have personally experienced what has happened and seen it happen to others. and for example for "bent rules", i mean like kos off of location, common sense like you turned and saw someone. little rules that are agreed upon to not be followed prior to gameplay. and msws, I explained why making an admin complaint isnt the end all be all. most people just want to get their punishment removed, not get the admin punished. anyways. I have experienced what i have explained and it has tainted my experience on defy. no point in trying to say or prove it didnt happen because it still shouldn't happen in the future. you dont have to take my advice but refuting it is again, pointless, because i dont run the show. I do feel that the new ttt rule of turning and seeing one player etc... is a good change and a step in the right direction. - the warning system is still a bad system and is fairly harsh. for example, you asked for a rule that didnt hurt anyone but is enforced. I came back after 5 months and was playing with yall, gray was detec and I kosed him for fun. no harm at all. No one cared but the rule HAD to be enforced so I got an instant 3 day ban for that. no other server I have been on has a system that harsh and usually just does normal punishments. there is a combo of a no harm, yes foul, and a bad warning system.
  10. Yo, since I have been getting a ton of writing assignments, I have been getting into mechanical keyboards for real. Like I had MK's for a while but now I am modifying one. I bought a bluetooth epomaker sk61s with gateron optical browns. I have the lube and am waiting for my films to come tomorrow to install them. I have the keys all apart and I already foamed my case and replaced and greased my stabilizers. They sound hella good now. When the F1 nurburgring race is live, I might work on my switches then so I can do the mindless task of lubing and watching tv. I have pictures and am willing to share. anyone else interested in mechanical keyboards? anyone got pointers or advice?
  11. the statement "they need to be enforced in order to keep the game balanced and fun" is not entirely true. for example, If someone makes a mistake and it hurts literally no one, they are punished and have less fun. A better example, the most fun experience on ttt for most people is at 1 am, its chill, usually no admins on, and rules are slightly bent to cater to a more fun experience rather than a tryhard have to win mentality/experience. As a player, I can tell you that the old style of unwritten rule enforcement was the "no harm no foul" style. As you and I can see, there is a correlation with strict rule enforcement going up and player base going down. of course, that doesnt mean causation, but it is definitely a reason why me and many of my friends hopped off defy, so I assume that there is a broader playerbase who thinks the same. A point you missed, a rather big one, is that I have experienced many staff being questioned why a player was punished, usually by that player, and they completely dodge the question and immediately take it as an argument and they bring up "staff hold the right..." instead of explaining their selves. "oh, you dont agree with my judgement? mute for arguing/staff disrespect". I feel there should be easier and quicker solutions to being falsely punished than the forums. Like, maybe dming another staff or higher up and presenting evidence and they can reverse the punishment immediately. Most people who get falsely punished dont want the admin punished, but just want their punishment removed. There are times that admins start arguments, but that isnt the point. If an admin participates in an argument, they should receive the same punishment as the other person. What an admin should do is not get into an argument on the main chat, but instead pm or dm and "argue" there. If it continues on the main chat, then the admin who has warned the player will proceed with a mute. These rules already apply to non admins who are arguing. It doesnt matter who starts the argument, both players or members are getting muted. Like the last point, an admin should be able to defend their decision for a punishment and should see both sides or perspectives before they call it arguing or disrespect. Not all arguments are bad, like the one we are having isnt inherently bad because we are in the end, trying to find truth. It can hurt to change, but the server is already hurting so what is there to lose? might as well try reversing something that shows strong correlation with decreased player numbers. But hey, its your server and I respect that so dont think that I feel like your obligated to do what I say or propose.
  12. basically what josh said. Its too focused on the ttt aspect and enforcing rules rather than the "game" aspect/fun aspect. A good philosophy (common) when hosting a server, is to cater to both sides of order and fun. If you worry too much about order, you wont have the fun part. Imagine recess but there is that one teacher constantly enforcing sometimes petty rules. Like "no touching" when you are high fiving, or something. Although fun can be found with strict order, it is very rare. If you try to give too much weight to fun, then you may lose too much order thus people have less fun. Snitches are unliked mostly because they have to tell on you for every little thing you do when most of the time, it does not affect anybody. Thats what ttt felt like when I played. Everybody was trying to get you in trouble for anything they could and admins were always trying to enforce EVERYTHING when possible, giving into the snitching aspect. I did some player reports, I admit, but I usually did this when someone was being a constant problem or they dont acknowledge their mistakes. oh, and the thing "what an admins says goes/is final judgement" is stupid. An admin can be wrong, and instead of trying to make an appeal and report after the fact which will probably go nowhere, why not try to fix the situation in the time its taking place? This also again encourages snitching. Its like, you get punished by someone falsely, and the only thing you can really do about it is snitch on the person and hope it goes and an excuse like "they are maintaining server stability" doesnt follow you up. And the arguing rule. Way too many things are seen as political or arguing when they have absolutely nothing to do with the alleged claim. I also see admins arguing all the time with players so why does the player get the mute and not vice versa? this is in game and discord. It seems like they always want the "final say/statement". lets name some staff who believed in a balance of fun and order but slightly favored order. They happen to be some of the best and well known staff on defy. Pr0fs, Dev, Josh, flyte, Potatostyle, magma, pdizzle, num3rical, on and on Admins=any staff *not all staff are guilty of this, but a lot are
  13. donnie8

    Hi guys!

    dead server
  14. 1. NGE evangelion (my favorite one) 2. Deamon slayer 3. and, dragon ball (since you watched z) and jojo
  15. You've heard this rant many times, but it's the procedures and the strict rules that make the game less fun and enjoyable. I dont think anyone except a very small minority likes the warning system and the proceadure that staff "have to enforce a rule that is broken, no matter what" is not a good way at all to attract new players or keep players who are looking for fun and not solely playing ttt.
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