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  1. F Adios PigOwner. I might join you since I am on the path to perm. PigOwner more like... PermOwner. there is an ever-rapidly growing pit of permed defy members. IMO, killing the pig should be KOSable.
  2. I second clue, If you need more reinforcement that clue is wanted, you can check the clue discussion in general. (shameless plug but I REALLY loved clue) also, a fixed version of clue, without the clever lag bug and most likely, without light switch. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cKHHgax87WEzPJCLgvwj5Srm0Ozfk8YY Magma's link, credit to him, not me.
  3. Literally exactly what 1stSavagery said.
  4. "mexicans are hard to persuade" -Rya bruh, Fuck school, fuck all this bullshit, what the fuck! ima miss your fat ass *proceeds to dap you up* *tear running down my left cheek* *no more free movies anymore* *no more rya*
  5. I feel that the player models are fine right now. One of the reasons to like Defy TTT is its (mostly) raw experience. 3 minute rounds, no overly packed lobbies, and mostly (standard) rules. Other servers have over-the-top cosmetics like wings, Auras, numerous player models (ones that are bulky and dont have fair hitboxes), and many more cumbersome cosmetics. (from my view), "No one" has asked for (that I have seen) player-models and I feel that it would be a shame if Defy lost its (raw-like) uniqueness and lost what it had to offer compared to other servers. This is child-like. It's TTT, not VR-chat. But it's just my two cents. Dont hate me, hate my idea.
  6. wait, this isnt guitar hero. big respect if you do something like war pigs, I ran (by a flock of seagulls), or something by Marty Robbins. not hard songs, just gud songs.
  7. donnie8


    Yeah, I frequently rant about this and complain about it. The server is very strict and the rules stingy but the admins will just tell you something like "it is not hard to not break rules" or "then just dont break the rules". remember Pr0fs, well reverse that and that is defy now.
  8. on my phone, I cannot see who has upvoted either. also, it is a pretty coarse experience trying to navigate forums on google. It also takes up an extra tab. rip the Edmund Fitzgerald
  9. 1stsavagery more like... 2ndsavagery Lmao, I remember when I called you 21st-savagery because I genuinely thought that was your name. I am getting close to being in college and I would like to know what college you go to or at least what you think you will major in. good times have been had
  10. A true og member relentlessly fighting to reclaim his rightful spot in defy. Y'all, Felix is the most chill defy member since pr0fs, he is down to earth and just all around awesome. I can assure you that it was always a good time when Felix was on and he was the epicenter of the good vibe. Don't judge people on what you have heard, judge them on what you know. Love you Felix
  11. Zarakattack was truely an og
  12. yeah, you will notice a common trend that the less people talk, the less toxic they are. It seems the more I talk, the more Toxic I become.
  13. I am saying this because it almost looks like he is "shutting down" the post with his reply, and to be honest, his reply isn't a "complete" reply to the post and it's add-ons because the original post and it's comments have many suggestions and point out many flaws that marks post does not cover. The post is saying, here is the problem with a-f, and Mark is replying, solution- a and b are already fine, d is also fine too. Now I am not speaking for Mark but as a reader of his comment, I can and will make my judgement on what I think he is saying. it is simple interpretation. No community or server is perfect and if you dont pull out or fix all of the little things, then it will snowball and a couple of things becomes a lot of things. I feel like he was using his reply as a universal, "it is not a problem, there is nothing wrong with it" to the numerous points. One last thing, no one truley knows what is best and if nothing changes, then we will truley never know what is best. It is like saying that you don't like a certain food without trying it.
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