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  1. its not like u just 4got to record audio... real talk tho thats crazy bro it was like jb had the inferno map everything worked. wait a minute... ttt is getting dust 2... so jb getting inferno confirmed???????????????
  2. So recently me and my brother got into a fight when I bet him a quarter saying I could make him laugh and lo and behold, I did. He goes into his room and brings me out two dimes and a god damn nickel. You dont exactly have to be einstein to understand why I dont need MORE loose change so I demand a quarter or I'll give him 3 quraters and he can just give me a dollar. This cunt says that when somebody says "I want a quarter", they mean they want 25 cents. It's not like they could fucking say "I want 25 cents". He has the audacity to tell me to refer to a quarter as a "twenty-five-cent coin" from now on. If a vending machine only doesn't take nickels, should I tell the person in front of me "this machine only takes quarters", or should i say "this machine only takes twenty-five-cent coins." It's apparently easier to say twenty-five-cent-coin than 25 cents so apparently I need to change and not him. p.s. promote ms?????? been like 10 months of GA for him and i dont c why he shouldnt be promoted
  3. Someone who isn't the best at the traitor role may not get enough credits to use the fun t items and can miss out on alot. Saving credits from map to map can allow them to play ttt in a new way by having more availability to t shop items.
  4. i personally believe it's because mark didn't promote me to exec admin but u never know
  5. if u change it to "cezz" i will cut u
  6. if u even THINK about taking my spot as most addicted player i WILL cut u. i will stop at NOTHING to destroy you and your foolish machinations. Welcome to DEFY!
  7. spell things properly then maybe
  8. and just as quickly hes gone again
  9. I was just vibing, watching some utube. Then i check amazon and see that my mousepad has arrived. I go outside, pretty hyped, it had been a pretty hard week without a mousepad. If u didn't know i ripped my mouse pad when i got mad. (i dont have anger issues wym?). When i go out the door, i dont see the package. Now a mousepad is pretty small right? So it coulvdve been put in the mailbox. When i open the mailbox, lo and behold, theres a package. When I walk back to my house I rip open the package. But i dont see no mousepad. I suddenly get the idea that thers cyanide or smthn in the package and im about to die. Then i realized i was retarted for thinking that someone would waste chemicals to kill a dipshit like me, and i was pretty sure my parents werent secret cia agents. I stick my hand in the package, and theres NOTHING there. AMAZON SOMEHOW MANAGED TO SEND ME A PACKAGE, WITHOUT THE PRODUCT. Pissed off I go inside and dial up amazon, after being on hold for about a hour I am told they'll refund my order but i'll have to buy it again. SO WE'RE WAITING TWO MORE WEEKS FOR MY MOUSEPAD BOISSSSSSSSSSSSS.
  10. when your crosshair is 1x1 the bullet isnt even going to go somewhere within your crosshair whereas on another crosshair with a thickness of 2, you're crosshair is in the right place. while this doesnt affect gameplay significantly in mm, defy has some pretty large maps where being 1 pixel off could change a round. you should be using a crosshair that isnt misaligned for them juan deag moments
  11. thats the pro gamer way. this is just for all the nerds who still use crosshairs
  12. I've noticed a lot of ppl on this server use the dot crosshair. The number of ppl has gone down since last month but i still see a lot of ppl using it. So its time to educate u nerds. The dot crosshair, is actual TURBO SHIT. Because your resolution is an even number, and the dot crosshair has a thickness of 1, The middle of your crosshair isn't the same as the middle of the screen. Csgo HAS to choose a pixel where your bullet will REALLY land, and that pixel happens to be the bottom right pixel from the middle of your crosshair. SO THE MIDDLE OF YOUR CROSSHAIR ISNT THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SCREEN, ITS ONE PIXEL OFF. THIS MEANS THE BULLET ISNT GOING TO THE MIDDLE OF YOUR CROSSHAIR, BUT THE PIXEL TO THE RIGHT AND DOWN OF YOUR CROSSHAIR. While this isn't very significant to most crosshairs, the dot crosshair can be impacted dramatically because if its thickness. *pant *pant just gid gud lol and stop using dot crosshairs
  13. dont cezz is a TERRIBLE NAME
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