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  1. Chub

    Stock Photos of DEFY Members

    i Dont Forget Yer Boi Chubster.
  2. Chub

    Chub's fun idea

  3. Chub

    Chub's fun idea

    Almost all of the time i find myself playing on defy jb for hours (usually at least 5 hours a day) And don't get me wrong, i enjoy playing on defy, although i wish i had something to grind for in the credit store, besides one time use powerups. Maybe some player models? Tracers? I'm not sure... comment your ideas . I know it sounds "unoriginal" but i really would enjoy it if i had something awesome to grind for. - Chub
  4. Chub

    Name change?

    Dreams sounds lit, dreamer sounds gay, and dream sounds unoriginol go wih dreams
  5. Chub

    Name change?

    Chub thinks you should get a new name Lyricz is lame though.. why not something like idk Dark Flame master of death and destruction thats a good name chub is done here.
  6. Chub

    Would you rather?

    Im asian, i already have a nipple dick
  7. Chub

    need opinions

    Personally, i don't like you, the only time i've met you in the month i've been playing, you were a huge dick. i don't really know you, so i can't understand why people want you to stay so much. Honestly it should be up to you. not a poll.
  8. Chub

    Razor Remake // Changelog

    Chub thinks you should add surf surf would be fun chub likes emo emo makes good razor razor right now is bad chub likes emo
  9. Chub

    I love defy...

    Defy is good, chub likes defy. Chub really likes defy. Chub thinks defy smells nice. Chub also likes tater tots tater tots are good chub really likes tater tots. Watermelons too, and oranges, and bagels aswell! what is chub doing with his life...

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