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  1. Never Done

    What game do you have the most hours on?

    Csgo I have 1600+. Destiny on xbox I have over 1000+ hours. Gta online i have 490. Rocket league 125. The list can go on for quite a bit.
  2. Never Done

    Dedicated Players

    Almost been gone for 2 months and I'm already being forgotten ;(
  3. Never Done

    Aye ya'll lemme get an opinion

    For anyone wondering @DaddyDankeMemes , @daddynoscope ,and myself have gone for hours just looking at designer stuff and guessing the prices.
  4. Never Done

    Father Figure

    Why is @daddynoscope still allowed to be on the forums. He has probably a total of 5 hours on the server
  5. Never Done

    The final moments of the DEFY teamspeak.

  6. Never Done

    RNG HungerGames

    really... Day 1. Night time. You can live without water for a day if you didnt know
  7. Never Done

    Should I Come Back?

    2 things. Why is this in suggestions. Don't you have a horse to care for, you show it a lot on your snapchat.
  8. Never Done

    Comment for TBH

    Sorry, I forgot to wipe
  9. Never Done

    Hello Everyone!

    Youre a weeb
  10. Never Done

    16th Birthday

    wtf. youre a day after me. weird
  11. Never Done

    DEFY DarkRP Beta

    Dark Role Play
  12. Never Done

    The Legendary Bowie is Back in action

    Do you still have that howl? Oh wait nvm...
  13. Never Done

    Uhh ye

    Im still a minor as of me writing this so...
  14. Never Done

    Uhh ye

    One more year then youre legal. ☺

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