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  1. Why are you a rat teemo main.
  2. its yea boi. comin in with the member tag
  3. oof didnt know you could get it with credits. For an admin this does make sense, since they are suppose to be the people that the community comes to. For a regular player, if they care enough about their name they can /raffle 200 Hi mark
  4. Pretty dumb idea adding a name plugin. All grouping is done with steam ID so why does it matter lol. Also charging for a name change is stupid, $5? Am i playing xbox?
  5. I had me some Purple Punch. 10/10 Indica
  6. People talk to much and i cant do dmg to people.
  7. forget the DNA scanner. Takes 0 skill to mindless go in the shop and get an item and find out who killed them. Play the game and hit your shots.
  8. Judging by your few last names on steam, you fully deserve the ban. Along with the down votes on your post.
  9. Don't be a little girl. Say it with ya chest.
  10. So we're this thirsty for forum rep that you make a poll for soda or pop.
  11. My boi's legs all going up from that vacuuming.
  12. Yikes all these people saying 1v1s. Im a filthy casual and want surf. We all know what happened to the old 1v1 server. Oh wait they dont cuz theyre new
  13. Hey I didnt say you could use my name in your post
  14. Umm its wasnt even me that said that oof
  15. I can agree there needs to be changes with voice batteries but definitely not the ways you want them. People talk too much on the server. it is constant screaming and annoying talk when ever the round starts and you cant even hear yourself think when the round starts. The voice batteries need to be reduced if anything to where people can't talk as much.
  16. Classroom of the elite Bungou Stray Dogs Naruto (OG one) Watching hunter x hunter rn and its pretty 11/10
  17. Csgo I have 1600+. Destiny on xbox I have over 1000+ hours. Gta online i have 490. Rocket league 125. The list can go on for quite a bit.
  18. Actually there wasnt a limit to how much you could put in... Thats how i had the most credits on the server for about 20 mins
  19. Almost been gone for 2 months and I'm already being forgotten ;(
  20. For anyone wondering @DaddyDankeMemes , @daddynoscope ,and myself have gone for hours just looking at designer stuff and guessing the prices.
  21. Why is @daddynoscope still allowed to be on the forums. He has probably a total of 5 hours on the server
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