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  1. Fuck no, I don't like religion and this world is just fucked up,
  2. Linxus

    Seven's Introduction

    You were racist when I joined the game and that's a very bad first impression when making an introduction... gl
  3. Linxus

    DEFY Donut Picture

    I can't capitalize the "d" because it looks weird but you gave me an idea
  4. Linxus

    DEFY Donut Picture

    https://gyazo.com/fdddd5accfa5a3bcaadd734f46aac95b https://gyazo.com/fdddd5accfa5a3bcaadd734f46aac95b https://gyazo.com/fdddd5accfa5a3bcaadd734f46aac95b https://gyazo.com/fdddd5accfa5a3bcaadd734f46aac95b What do you guys think about it, I made it last night while I was bored. Suggestions On It?
  5. Linxus

    Official DEFY Clan Competitive Team?

    I mean, you named like every bad person in DEFY, I'm better
  6. Linxus

    Which Is Better?

    Which Is Better? Roblox Or Minecraft
  7. Linxus

    Joke Time

  8. Linxus

    Hello! I'm Linxus

  9. Linxus


    17 -reps!!! I think I hold the world record Thanks for helping me get here <3 I hope to Get even more on upcoming staff applications
  10. Linxus

    how did u get ur name

    I was an 11-year-old nerd playing Xbox 360 and I wanted a cool name, so I started putting words together and got Linxus, later on in the year I noticed there was Linus. Then i just felt dumb...
  11. Linxus

    Hello! I'm Linxus

    no df
  12. Linxus

    Hello! I'm Linxus

    Well, Not a lot to say but I'm Linxus. I am hated by some and loved by many, Emo is my dad because he lets me tickle his penny I'm black and white I like Chicken I've been VAC'd 4 times I'm getting a tattoo next year (14) I dyed my hair gray I laugh like the joker on a late night when tired I Believe I'm the youngest mod/admin (13) That's It Folks <3
  13. Linxus

    Luk wut I got


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