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  1. XenoGenesis

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    I miss that too lol rip the hundreds and thousand lost and spent
  2. XenoGenesis

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    That time I was admin
  3. XenoGenesis

    What's your excuse for being silver?

    Because csgo is free so more hackers/smurfs
  4. XenoGenesis


    Is it Christmas on defy?
  5. XenoGenesis

    well here we are again

    Love you krit [;
  6. XenoGenesis

    Im Back

    Shit finally took awhile. (;
  7. Jesus christ 10/10 top 10 anime fights right here
  8. XenoGenesis

    liv's intro

  9. XenoGenesis

    KOS off of Assosiation

    Lol kinda started with me. Whenever I see like two Ts strolling side by side and one shoots at me and I kill him and then other guy doesnt look or even waiver from the guy next to him shooting me. It's like super suspicious lol.
  10. XenoGenesis

    Hi I'm New

    It is haha but I'll def be on jb and ttt just dont know when feels bad.
  11. XenoGenesis

    What's your new years resolution?

    Playing csgo again
  12. XenoGenesis

    Hi I'm New

    Hello my names xeno and I just started playing csgo and wanted to join a community this one looks pretty dope so ima join this one. I'm 23 now feelsbad and Ima Asian weeb and play games. (;
  13. Well I'm leaving the country for 6 months but I'll be in discord every once in awhile maybe some csgo đŸ˜›

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    2. Hexaquan


      where ya going?

    3. XenoGenesis


      You're a nerd and I'm in the desert eating sand typo breathing 

    4. Seven


      No you a nerd

  14. XenoGenesis

    Dedicated Players

    Aw I miss you guys too haha imma show up more

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