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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. In-Game Name: XenoNoah Steam ID64 76561198088347185 Age: 23 Discord Username?: ! XenoNoah#1996 Why do you want to join DEFY?: I discovered this server awhile ago and want to be part of this community. How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? Everything seems to be running great. What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? Everyones really friendly and helpful Who invited you to DEFY?: Krim Would you like to change your username or keep it? Keep my username New Username Have you read our server rules & community standards? No
  3. I miss that too lol rip the hundreds and thousand lost and spent
  4. Right now prob shield hero, goblin slayer, reincarnated as a slime, future neverland as of now. All i can think of top of my head
  5. Because csgo is free so more hackers/smurfs
  6. Lol kinda started with me. Whenever I see like two Ts strolling side by side and one shoots at me and I kill him and then other guy doesnt look or even waiver from the guy next to him shooting me. It's like super suspicious lol.
  7. It is haha but I'll def be on jb and ttt just dont know when feels bad.
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