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  1. i need to learn more about paint.net or learn photoshop.
  2. jokes on you i own the new i12 core
  3. Suck it xeno, IM THE GOD OF THE SERVER NOW! but really i got one and its hot
  4. the gud succ

    Emo Hoe

    its a joke i love you because ur chill and c00l
  5. the gud succ

    Emo Hoe

    REPEAT AFTER ME; SAYING THE OLD MEMBER/STAFF SYSTEM DOES NOT MAKE ME MAD. - Emo Gay I'm not making maps for the same reason why I can't make one out of scratch, It's because I can't. - Emo Faggot It only takes me a year to make a map and get terrible feedback by the community on release. - Emo Gayiest Who needs more secrets & more things to give to the Ts when you get killed every time you go into them? - Emo Bad Yes, I've listened to the community. Who cares about the complaints I still get about the maps I make? - Emo Genesis this is not flaming - high this is a joke in itself. more importantly emo's maps are a joke sometimes. jk lol emo is the best G4 <3
  6. Hey, this speaks for everyone who browses the Internet. Yes, everyone! Recently, the FCC wants to take down net neutrality which basically means you are s c r e w e d. You can view this site for more details: https://www.battleforthenet.com/july12/ Or you can go to this YouTube video to know more about this: This is very important to us Internet dwellers and I feel like this should be announced throughout the clan as it can really affect you in the long run. Support net neutrality! Do you really want the internet to look like this if we lose net neutrality?
  7. You enforce it, Head Admin Emo Hoe.
  8. If you want to rank up in the DEFY rosters/ranks, go to this link to see a more in depth explanation: http://defyclan.com/forums/forum/63-roster/ As you can see, there are titles to the higher ranks that contain the requirements. Once you have reached these requirements, contact a Senior Admin such as @Emo Hoe or @Hoodini to further assist you in getting your rank! P.S. I recommend you join the TS3 so you could have some Member perks and show off your new rank! It is also used to communicate between one another. Hopefully this guide helped you out!
  9. Hello, so Emo gets a little hyper when I mention the old Member/Staff system. I felt like I should post this to purposely get Emo to tie me up onto a chair while getting his belt and spanking me. https://gyazo.com/fbe3f285f6c9de37bd043ec5c4e79af8
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