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  1. This was 2 hours after I got out of school for Summer Break. I thought it was a good idea to go down this massive hill on a Penny board. So I get to the top, stand on this little plastic board and start going. When I got to the bottom I didn't know how to stop and I was going super fast, so I just jumped off. I wasn't ready for when my foot landed so I fell and landed straight on my shoulder. I snapped my collarbone in half. Fast forward a week and a half and I standing on the penny board in the kitchen, when it slides out of the crack and I'm falling backwards again. I didn't want to fall to the floor on my left side so I caught myself on the table with my same arm that my collarbone had broken. It snapped even worse and it wasn't healed until the end of summer break.
  2. Back in late 2017 someone named RedX joined the TTT server. We were on bank and he had no idea what he was doing, but he figured out how to move the boxes. Every round he went down to this box truck in the basement of this map and he built himself in with the boxes. It was like 3am and it was the funniest thing ever because he would scream every time someone tried to get in.
  3. Damn I just applied at KFC
  4. Yeah people that use first names are level 11 gay big faxxx
  5. Is it manual or automatic? No judgement either way, it's a nice car.
  6. Welcome back! It's actually kinda nice to see some real OG's on again.
  7. My first name was MrShotgun757. I honestly couldn't tell you the thought process behind the name, but that was it. I got my current name after thinking long and hard for the perfect name, when all of a sudden it came to me, I would just use my real name. It was pretty genius if you ask me.
  8. I'm about to purchase my first "official" car. I found a pretty decent deal on a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. It's AWD turbo, and I'm planning on doing an minor engine swap to make it easier to mod. I of course like many people on here want a 350z because they're better than 370's. Later on I want to maybe get an STI or an Evo, or even a lower end 3 series BMW. My dream car would have to be a Skyline R34.
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