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  1. Seven My bb ❤️❤️ I don't that's why I got removed from the staff team silly thx bb You tk'd me xD
  2. @Fsjal Oh my god I forgot @BOT Albert
  3. I thought this was going to be about something not ttt related
  4. Thanks for the gl wish Gonna miss the late night CS
  5. I'm gonna miss you too Pdiz ❤️ I'll get on jb and we'll have an early 2018 day
  6. Love you too, Connor ❤️ I'll miss you too Niall ;( Thanks for the gl wishes ❤️
  7. Yeah I'm gonna join from time to time and stay in contact with a few. We need to play some osu and get you to stay up past midnight soon. ❤️ We need to play some more of that one game we played recently Thanks! Congrats on admin, you'll do great!
  8. cya gray ;( ❤️ ender bb We need to play some rb6 soon
  9. I guess it's time to make an official post about this. I have been inactive from DEFY for over a month now, and have been removed from the staff team for 11 days. There are many reasons I've been inactive, but mostly because of work and school. I love the server and I love DEFY, but it's time for me to go. I have way too many memories on the servers to list them all, some from recent, and some from 2 years ago, but if you were there you know, and know that you made them great. Some people (not all because I have a bad memory) that made my time here awesome: @Mark @PotatoStyle @pr0fs @Never Done @ImNotRacist @Magma @Bowie @Niall_Ferguson @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle @baby @Dev @dre @Brian D @Blank @Foxtrot @OneSneakyFox @XenoGenesis @DEFY | Uncle @Seven @Ender @MaineCoon @YeetMyMeat @Felix @spicyravioli @Jaden @SIR @Some_Person @Connor @Hank_Hell And last but not least, @Krim But seriously, I will miss everyone on the server, even if I forgot to put your name here. Waterpark is still the best map. Closequarters needs to be shot dead if it's not already. (sorry) Love you guys ❤️
  10. This was 2 hours after I got out of school for Summer Break. I thought it was a good idea to go down this massive hill on a Penny board. So I get to the top, stand on this little plastic board and start going. When I got to the bottom I didn't know how to stop and I was going super fast, so I just jumped off. I wasn't ready for when my foot landed so I fell and landed straight on my shoulder. I snapped my collarbone in half. Fast forward a week and a half and I standing on the penny board in the kitchen, when it slides out of the crack and I'm falling backwards again. I didn't want to fall to the floor on my left side so I caught myself on the table with my same arm that my collarbone had broken. It snapped even worse and it wasn't healed until the end of summer break.
  11. This is the best suggestion I've ever heard
  12. Back in late 2017 someone named RedX joined the TTT server. We were on bank and he had no idea what he was doing, but he figured out how to move the boxes. Every round he went down to this box truck in the basement of this map and he built himself in with the boxes. It was like 3am and it was the funniest thing ever because he would scream every time someone tried to get in.
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