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  1. It’s like you don’t understand English at all. Hence why you should stay being trial admin ?☕️ He wouldn’t make it to either one.
  2. I believe they do get the joke. I think that they believe Pdizzle won’t fit the position as a leader or as a mediocre one.
  3. another weeb to join @PotatoStyle group ! jk welcome ily pun
  4. @Hoodini you’re so funny ??
  5. Then you obviously don’t know me very well lmfao.
  6. I think I’d be the perfect drug dealer
  7. because schools almost over and i don't gotta worry about much. ?‍♀️ like tomorrow i'm going to be working at 5:30
  8. I actually have two jobs pussy. One as a hostess and the other one as a buser. eat me
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