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  1. It's almost better to just host a realm because it'll likely be dead within a month anyway. Vanilla is really only fun for a short time.
  2. Had one of the best dinners in a while honestly, stuffed myself as full as possible. Happy thanksgiving to everyone.
  3. Took ya a while, I still remember the days when you played on a shitty computer my guy.
  4. Generally I'm gravitated more towards Comedy, Slice of Life, or Romance anime but I highly recommend Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood- especially for people who are new to anime. It's got plenty of action and a well written plot that'll keep you interested throughout the 60+ episodes.
  5. CSGO is a much more polished game in nearly every aspect. I’ve been playing cs for quite a few years now, though it’s held my attention for all that time. I just feel like Valorant is lacking in so many areas, for example the maps are absolute trash. There’s only four total maps in the game but two of them are unbalanced and don’t feel fun to play at the moment. So really, there’s only two maps in the game at this point- holy shit are they ever repetitive to play too. Also abilities are not at the point where they’re balanced enough to be fair. Hit detection also seems to be a prevalent issue, which is extremely noticeable when you’re playing in online games. There’s potential for the game to improve, but as of right now it’s just a “meh” experience overall. CS is the clear winner in my mind.
  6. Mint chocolate chip has always been my favorite since I was a kid. It's a simple combination but they work so well together that it's difficult to pass up.
  7. Just give it some time, with the right approach I think TTT will regain some of its popularity again soon.
  8. The purpose of trash in the first place is to hide and get rid of unnecessary posts, so I completely disagree.
  9. Survival games are not really my preferred type of game, though if I had to decide between the two I would say Rust. I've had more fun moments playing it over the years than I've had with ARK.
  10. I'm taking a gap year before post-secondary to just work and make some cash. I'm not really sure what courses I want to take yet, so I'm giving myself some time to reflect and think about it for next year.
  11. I think it’s a fair reason to call a high sus, you gotta remember that just because you’re high sus’d that doesn’t mean you’re gonna get killed for sure. Mistakes happen, but generally it’s a pretty good reason to at least be suspicious of someone else. If you saw the two people within the same area apart from everyone else and one of them got killed and was instantly id’d I would be even more suspicious of that other player.
  12. Yeah, I'm not entirely sure why but these past few weeks have been slow for the servers. There's probably a couple reasons why this is going on, though hopefully it'll start picking back up again soon. Anyway, it's good to see you back and doing well man.
  13. I hope you didn’t share your bed with those spiders.
  14. This plugin has been a requested feature for years, so maybe we should give it a try. I’m not against the idea by any means but like MSWS said, it would be lame for people that already have a lot of skins. Despite that, I don’t see any harm in adding the plugin in this point of time- especially since servers now are no longer getting blacklisted or losing tokens for having such a plugin.
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