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  1. Welcome back Dre, I missed ya big guy. :^D
  2. io games work exceptionally well for communities since they’re easily accessible for everyone. Jackbox party packs are good too since only one person needs to own the game and then it can be streamed through discord.
  3. DNA scanner is balanced, the limited uses is enough of a handicap already. On the other hand I agree with Mike that the taser deserves a buff. The wait time is way too long and just makes rounds boring. The delay was added so that people wouldn't get tased immediately, but there's no reason for it to take 30+ seconds.
  4. PotatoStyle

    Scribbl.io Event

    Animal Crossing comes out this day, no go for me soz.
  5. Emo Hoe, yes. You should honestly go back to that name.
  6. You essentially just summed up the role of each server leader. They're the ones who are supposed to be taking in feedback for their particular server. I'm sure you knew that you already knew that, but that's what their position is directed to do. I think the idea of a community representative is not a bad idea, just an unnecessary role for the community. The leaders play enough already to have an idea of what needs to be changed to try and improve gameplay. I'm not going to say every decision is a good one, but most of them are changes that are beneficial to the server. Many of the popular forum suggestions will get talked about at some point, just not implemented as they can be a lot of work to set up properly. In terms of voting the forums are here so that you can criticize or disagree with changes, just in a respectful manner.
  7. I think most people wouldn't be opposed to that idea. Realistically you're never going to make the whole player base happy, that's just a fact. A chat delay for the radio messages would have a minimal effect on the gameplay overall, so it would be a pretty safe change imo.
  8. The radio commands are just an alternate way to call a KOS without using your microphone. Sure you can technically use it faster, but why is that an issue?
  9. Well you just gotta find someone that wants to fix them tbh. There’s always maps that need to be fixed.
  10. I can sum my needs in one singular name: Hatsune Miku
  11. I wasn't going to say anything but I feel like I should. The DNA scanner isn't all that op and I'll tell you why. Generally it's a good idea for Traitors to be hiding bodies and not leaving them out in the open, if you consistently do that of course someone is going to find them. Detectives should also be targeted first simply for the fact that they have so many more abilities. The whole purpose of a detective is to have special tools so that they can find out who the traitors are much quicker. Innocents should be the bottom priority and you should just wipe them out as you go. The last thing is, they're not always going to have enough credits to buy a DNA scanner or get a chance to even use it. If you know they have one, just find them as quick as possible to take them out before they find out more information. Just because they scan one body or a couple bodies won't always mean they have enough reasonable evidence to kill someone. For example, the detective scans one body and reveals one killer. Even though they were the killer, that doesn't mean they're necessarily a traitor. It's good practice to scan multiple bodies with the DNA scanner to find more evidence about the killer and how many people they really killed. If you scan one body to reveal a killer the chances they are traitor are high, but not 100%. With all this in mind, it's a very helpful tool that's for sure. However, it's not overpowered by any means.
  12. He's already appealed lol. Also #savezarak to keep his brain from rotting even further. :^)
  13. It's definitely possible, but there's not many people in this community that have experience with mapping. Unless someone like @Magma wants to spend some time fixing the map.
  14. I've always thought that the theme of the website was very bland. The dark theme definitely fixed some of my issues with the previous theme (via colors) but I still find the overall theme of the website to have the same bare look.
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