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  1. Hey everyone, im back and I was wondering if I still have all of my stats or do I have to get +rep again to become a member.

    1. Mark


      Welcome back, join this group if you are not part of it to gain your member perks in game. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/DEFYmember you do not need to re apply.

  2. masterrich28

    just another introduction

    That was one of my first times being on the serve, don't judge me.
  3. masterrich28

    just another introduction

    So basically I really enjoy this clan and I'm so delighted to be part if it I've been playing for a short amount of time in on almost every day lately and I've talked to almost every one of you some fonder then others but that's just an opinion but I truly and deeply believe that defy is an amazing place and I hope everyone here accepts me for just another clan mate, not a bad warden that everybody hates or just a vexatious person that deep thoughts his mic but as anyone of you guys just anyone of you guys. so I'm just trying to fit in pretty fine and hope no predicaments. I've made a hate relationship with any of you lads I really hope it ends.

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