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  1. Insane Carry

    I am the AWP god.

    I sold the account
  2. Insane Carry

    fun ass hell playing on a surf

    I sold the account
  3. Insane Carry

    The Return of Daily Pixel Polls?

    jk ill vote yes love u
  4. Insane Carry

    The Return of Daily Pixel Polls?

    ye I can't vote
  5. Insane Carry

    how did u get ur name

    did it have baby sensational unicorns
  6. Insane Carry

    how did u get ur name

    tell us how you got ur name
  7. Insane Carry

    ttt IDEAS

    I think, that there should be ingame achievments... These achievments then lead to perk unlocks, upgrades, or temporary abilities... These achievments can start over at the end of each round or go on permanently. Second idea: Traitor perk: The ability to set traps. Eg: tripwire, pressure pad/plate, bear traps... These traps can disorientate, blind, or hurt the player. Third idea: Detective perk: magnifying glasses. Use: use on bodies to find extra information about cause of death. Eg: player ***** and ****** were closest to this person at death, it took 2bullets to kill this player (incase you check peoples guns), (if just found the body few seconds after incapitation) which direction the player came from. Fourth idea: innocent: if at a certain amount of Karma the innocent would be Special Innocent. Being able to have extra health, ammo, and to be able to (before death) be on ground with a few seconds left to give being able to shoot with a handgun. fith idea: traitor: a high tech camo suit, which (for a few seconds) if worn use the primary button to turn invisible without moving, or takes the material you're closest to and disguises as that...
  8. Insane Carry


    the ts need to find a way into armory but the ct are not allowed to camp armory
  9. Insane Carry


    its like hide and seek
  10. Insane Carry


    I have an idea for a new Special-Day on the CSGO jailbreak server. This idea would go something like this... All CT'S MUST leave armory. They CANNOT camp armory or this game will not work. From the time cell doors open all T's are KOS have 6 seconds to spread out/run. (6 is just an idea. It could be more/less depending on the map) The T's then have to find a creative way to sneak into the armory, grab guns, and then fight the guards. The guards also may NOT camp the armory exit(have to be a certain distance from the door.) The guards are only allowed to look in vents. If they can see the T in vents without going in they can kill them. I dont have a good idea on the name... maybe "Extreme warday" What do you think admins? Anybody have any extra ideas/details? let me know in the reply section!
  11. Insane Carry


    The armor option is cool, but it does interfere with LR's such as shot for shot. they should take this off because it can help the ct survive lr games
  12. Insane Carry


    Not sure if this was mentioned or not because I'm lazy and rarely check forums but I just want to bring up the idea that if a new player want to play the defy jailbreak server wants to play as a CT(Guard) They should at least have 10 active hours as a terrorist(Prisoner). This gives the player more than enough time to understand the rules and concept of the jailbreak server. If this was implemented, the acts of free-killing, baiting, gun planting, etc would be reduced.

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