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  1. Hexaquan

    CS:GO Alt Accounts

    i got an old account i used to use but i got temporarily locked out so i made a new account which i have been using since. I lend my old account to friends who dont have cs, what happens if one of them use it on the servers?
  2. Hexaquan

    [TTT] 12 Kill Round

    my monitor is set to 4:3 rn for rust so it looks great to me
  3. Hexaquan

    1v1 event

    thats a lot of work
  4. Hexaquan

    1v1 event

    can someone dm me on discord when this is about to start so i can join
  5. Hexaquan

    Ford or Chevy

    Chevy i drive a 67 chevy c-10 truck
  6. Hexaquan

    Am I amog the oldest members?

    ill be 18 in 3 days
  7. Hexaquan

    The Superior Season

    Snow is cool, Christmas, my birthday and its the only season in Arizona that doesnt have days with 110+ weather
  8. Hexaquan

    Colombian Flavor

    German shepards are the best
  9. Hexaquan

    TTT Karma

    i agree, it would be difficult to implement a system that you are describing holik and you should be able to kill an rdmer every once in a while and be fine
  10. Hexaquan

    Inspirational quotes

    Laziness is just clever efficiency
  11. Hexaquan

    TTT Chat Limit

    I think it is a good idea to have the voice battery. What I enjoy when i play low pop is that there isnt constant talking and people talking over each other. What i enjoy about high pop is that there is more people to fight. I think this change helps bring the best of both high and low pop. Maybe Mark will need to change parts of it and balance it out or maybe it wont work at all and be terrible but we should give it some time to see how it plays out.
  12. Hexaquan

    Colombian Flavor

    what type of dogs did you train?
  13. Hexaquan

    I. Hate. My. Brother.

    this is exactly why i made my brother his own steam account. one time he freaked out from an antimalware program thinking it was a virus. He has 2k hours in both unturned and gmod. he spends twice as much time as me on his computer than i do and he thought an antivirus was a virus.
  14. Hexaquan

    the day i dipped

    come back soon

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