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  1. so true, my dogs hips went to shit fast when he got old. i had to build ramps for him so he wouldnt have to take the stairs
  2. Hexaquan

    What's your excuse for being silver?

    i dont play enough, i also play with brain dead silver 2 friends so im forever stuck in silver. i went 52-17 once and still lost
  3. Hexaquan

    GET ON

    he's been a member since nov 30, 2016 so he must have been here for a while. i think he changed his name
  4. Hexaquan

    Update Rules

    i like this
  5. Hexaquan

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    ricochet is fun as fuck
  6. Hexaquan

    I need a prof pic

    Anything not anime is good.
  7. Hexaquan

    Change !raffle

    they could do !lottery for the current system and ad a !gamble that used the old system where it wasnt limited to the amount someone first put in
  8. Hexaquan

    Happy got a job???

    where you gonna work at?
  9. Hexaquan

    Clan tag in CS:GO

    that would be very nice, in rust people always ask if me if they can join defy clan and i have to say its not a rust clan its a csgo thing. Also a caps DEFY | group would be nice for staff and veteran members
  10. Hexaquan

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    playing cha cha slide at 2 in the morning on jb with 2 people, no one talked. happy opened cells we went and cha cha slided, repeated round whole map.
  11. Hexaquan

    Adding sound-abuse to the rules.

    just close your ears
  12. Hexaquan

    Leaving DEFY

    i'll miss you
  13. Hexaquan

    Im Back

    hell yeah
  14. Hexaquan

    Good cs skins

    use this website to see all the guns for each gun. its great for picking out skins you want to get. https://csgostash.com/

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