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  1. Strider


    I didn't say you were vac'd, I was saying you can't use that account I was letting you use anymore because I'll be using it for playing CSGO. (I haven't been on DEFY servers on that acc yet after the ban so thx for telling me)
  2. Strider


    Btw @Krim this does mean u cant use the other acc anymore if u even did lately, srry man
  3. Strider


    I just got VAC'd in csgo for having a gta 5 cheat activated while I played. TIME TO SWITCH TO MY SMURF! Lets go bois
  4. Strider


    Play platinum, or if you have a pokewalker then play soulsilver
  5. I believe that every other week or so there should be a temporary new map added into TTT from the workshop, and when a new one is added there should be a vote for if the old one stays or goes. This would lead to not only a wider map pool, but a more liked map pool altogether, plus it would be a cool thing to keep the community active.
  6. mfw i post a suggestion right next to an actually good suggestion
  7. I joined a month before you left under the alias of "Pinkie Pie", and I barely remember you, but nice to see you again!
  8. Add false kos as an option on page 1 of the !call menu I know it counts as an inno violation, but it happens rlly often and adding it to the !call menu as one of the first options would be rlly convenient no big deal tho just a suggestion
  9. It is possible as i'vve seen throwwn knivves on other CSGO community jailbreak servers (never on ttt tho not sure if thats useful information)
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