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  1. PixelStretch

    Favorite video game company?

    But muh Bluehole. D:
  2. PixelStretch

    DEFY's Cards Against Humanity Event

    I didn't get to come! Damned work.
  3. PixelStretch

    fun ass hell playing on a surf

    Be careful! He will give you -rep too!!
  4. PixelStretch

    Werther's' Intro

    I third this
  5. PixelStretch

    That Butchers Introduction

    Welcome to DEFY! I hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. PixelStretch

    fun ass hell playing on a surf

    You got banned hehe
  7. PixelStretch

    how did u get ur name

    I got the Stretch part of my name from an old video game, "Call of Duty 2: Big Red One" (Best CoD game btw). In one specific part of the campaign (I believe the "Liberators" chapter) you are in flying fortresses and you are shooting down enemy fighter jets. You shoot a specific one down and a fellow airman comes over the radio and says "Hey! That one was mine Stretch!" I liked the name and started using it. The Pixel part came from whenever a streamer I used to watch (ScetchLink) changed his twitter name to PixelScetch. I liked it so I "borrowed" it onto my name. I was christened as PixelStretch.
  8. PixelStretch

    Community Event Ideas

    FINE! Have a getting to know you meeting for members and staff that might not know one another yet!
  9. PixelStretch

    Who's the most well like person on this server?

    Definitely not Uncle
  10. PixelStretch

    The Return of Daily Pixel Polls?

  11. PixelStretch

    Community Event Ideas

    Expand the DEFYClan brand out to other Games like Rust and Arma. Have people in charge of the clan when it comes to the other games.
  12. PixelStretch

    Daily Poll: Rust and other games

    I'm not saying that we have a rust server. I'm saying we should branch out from just being a CS:GO Clan!
  13. PixelStretch

    Daily Poll: Rust and other games

    And why not? Why should somebody with little to no knowledge of the game be made head of it? It could be Senior Members or even somebody could get a promotion for it.
  14. Good Morning to you all! Yesterday on May 28, 2017 DEFY set a precedent that is amazing. Thanks to some help from some members and staff we successfully achieved a crazy amount of DEFYClan Members and Staff onto a Rust Server where we had a clan. Due to this fantastic precedent I firmly believe that it is possible to expand DEFYClan to new horizons and achieve a substantially larger, more well rounded Member base.

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