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  1. Armin1002

    what cars do you like? xd

    Fiat polski
  2. Armin1002

    RIP Duke

    Uk, Uk, Uk, Uk. RIP USA Good luck to everyone store your computers in a high place
  3. Armin1002

    Do you like Donald Trump?

    #Notmypresident fuck white people all cisgender should be shot on sight
  4. Armin1002

    Random poll.

    "You can hear him" is by far the best
  5. Armin1002

    Good Logo?

    Mate that's shit now this is what the French call, le magnifique ar and I also fixed yours Ha goteem you got pranked.
  6. Armin1002


    But actually I listen to grime artists and to tyler the creator.
  7. Armin1002


    Listen to my mixtape
  8. Armin1002

    How to Not Get Karma Banned

    I suggest you donate to charity that is surely gonna get your karma up or you could volunteer at charity shops.
  9. Armin1002

    antivirus bs

    You see emo hoe gives the virus a virus so he himself is an antivirus
  10. Armin1002

    antivirus bs

    That's why mac is the master rac mac nation jake Pauler
  11. Armin1002

    Special someone?

    Man I'll suck you off for a freddo.
  12. Armin1002

    Special someone?

    Yous an ass bandit?
  13. When you get shanked you get all the pengting to shag behind Marks and Spencer's (cus that quality) and probably you let bossman join, cus on the low you sound and bossman always give you extra chicken innit. But if you's a wanker then you'll be a cock jockey mate. Dunkno. holla at me.
  14. You know those bowls of sweets that you get on haloween that say take one, well I killed about twenty pandas and dumped their bodies at this address: 2713 Heron Landing Ct
  15. I love kvass the drink

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