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  1. Grapelord

    Canada?? ehh

    Ehh? who doesn't celebrate the fucking July 4th and only July 1st cuz Canada eh..
  2. Grapelord


    Wots Ur Bday mines 7/31 is anyone the same !??
  3. Grapelord

    S/O to @ks

    how tf do you put videos on
  4. Grapelord

    Tag Grenade...

    so, I have been accused sometimes of throwing a Tag grenade to find somebody and if they are in a secret I enter becase most say that allowed whilst some people say oh no you can't do that so wtf is the answer and is this allowed in armory and vents??
  5. Grapelord

    What is this?

    yea i agree you can link it but no one's gonna click for shit
  6. Grapelord

    Who's the most well like person on this server?

    @krit, RIP 2:26 7/1/2017 miss you...
  7. Grapelord

    Leaving & Quiting (Public View)

    well damn ... cya my dude
  8. Grapelord

    Funny Offensive Joke

    aww i got one so, Obama, when he says a speech has bulletproof glass to protect him and I don't get it cuz I don't think he ain't gonna shoot no one
  9. Grapelord

    Im Emo now

    so I went on to this website called CSGOgem.com where you can win or lose your skin for another, anyways I lost 100 dollars, I went by putting in 2 dollar skin then getting a 20 dollar skin so I was friggin hyped then i lost my ak for ten dollars, i then got an Asimov lost the 20 dollars then lost the Asimov on a 90 % chance win for a knife FUCK MY LIFE
  10. Grapelord

    What rank is DEFY

    kewl thanks bro
  11. Grapelord

    What rank is DEFY

    so I've noticed that people are straight up lying about their rank on the Defy forums which points them to make DEFY in their name instead of what they're supposed to do which is Defy can someone send me a link to the name system or whatever that be useful cuz I don't know shit about that...
  12. Grapelord

    found something new

    U mean a ZEUS X27
  13. Grapelord

    Mr.Happy's Introduction

    whats up guys its mr happy... haha that stupid game
  14. Grapelord

    Mr.Happy's Introduction

    wots ur YT
  15. Grapelord


    How to check in-game hours for just DEFY servers?? or is it even possible, cuz i know that @Mark knows cuz of different ranks through membership

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