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  1. Norflayflay

    Serious Question

    Present tense: Nut Past tense: Note Future tense: Nate Plural tense: Nute
  2. Norflayflay

    Did you know this?

  3. Norflayflay

    IcePack AiMl0CK????

    No hacks, just gaming shampoo
  4. Norflayflay

    Should I get a memory slot?

    Ram only really helps with having multiple different processes open and running at the same time. If you have no issues right now, you wont get much more with it
  5. Let's start off simple. I'm 14, my birthday is September 12th and I was born in 2002. My hobbies include playing games, occasionally riding my bike, and other miscellaneous things. I am currently a sophomore and I am in band (I play the trumpet. If you ask, I might play it). Usually during August I won't be able to play often due to constant marching band rehearsals. That's about all I can say, if you wanna know more. you can ask me in-game. Later nerds.
  6. Norflayflay

    What's your dream PC?

  7. Norflayflay

    What's your dream PC?

    Title explains.
  8. Norflayflay

    What's your dream PC?

    Title explains.
  9. Norflayflay

    how did u get ur name

    I played a lot of borderlands 2 and the Norfleet was my favorite weapon.

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