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  1. Stevey Snowball

    Can’t wait for this movie.

    ^ Such weeb
  2. Stevey Snowball

    More Maps in the Map Pool

    IK that people in the staff team dont want more mapes but the maps in the pool right now are really boring since everyone has played them. Plus for Community Pool the T room doesn't even work. There are a couple of maps that I would like to see be added back to the map pool, and maps that are gonna be new. Added back Terror Train Richburg ttt_forest ttt_69thway ttt_closequarters New Maps ttt_manor_night TTT_Apocalypse TTT_Hedgemaze TTT_hybridgrounds Some of these maps may be needed to be worked on, understandable. But the server is just gonna be more overplayed and overplayed until it gets so boring nobody even plays anymore. The ones that I want to see added back can just be added back since they are already made with the little defy name at the end. (Ex- ttt_richburg_defy) The server will be more fun since it will have more of a span of maps to play on.
  3. Stevey Snowball

    Comp Team?

    We would need a new roster for this too, who would be bench players and take on the place of a person that isnt there that day and that wont be able to play. And then the starting roster.
  4. Stevey Snowball

    $100 Giveaway

    Rip, everyone I invited didn't join XD
  5. Stevey Snowball

    RIP Duke

    Duke lives in Florida and Hurricane Irma bought to get him, rip duke.
  6. Stevey Snowball

    IcePack AiMl0CK????

    I knew he wasnt that good
  7. Stevey Snowball

    IcePack AiMl0CK????

  8. Stevey Snowball

    Joke Time

    Kelly,I told you when u put at the end of something it ruins it. Like my Profile Name
  9. Stevey Snowball

    Funny Offensive Joke

  10. Stevey Snowball


    What is Black, and Gurgling? A Baby in a Casserole
  11. Stevey Snowball

    Stevey's actual intro

    It's not fake I swear on my life
  12. Stevey Snowball

    Stevey's actual intro

    Hey, My name is Stephen but my friends at school call me Stevey. I'm 13 years old, tall for my age at the height of 5'11''. Im in to Basketball, Video Games of course, and I perform on stages by singing. I got blonde shaggy hair with blue eyes and im single rn since im only in 7th grade lol I love doing magic with cards and im really good with sleight of hand. If u want to leave some comments go ahead.
  13. Stevey Snowball

    Rules Update 6/5/17

    So in the game First Reaction & Last Reaction if i say first reaction jump and if more then 1 person jumps I can kill them all?
  14. Stevey Snowball

    I cant hear shit stewie

    When did I say this XD!

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