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  1. Ayyyyyyyyyyy Mr. Krabs
  2. I think a goal as Defyclan is to have a staff member available almost every hour of the day. We do not have enough staff members in order to reach that goal consistently. For example, we only have ten staff members that have the capability to moderate TTT (not counting retired staff or Gold VIPs). If each of those staff members put ten hours into purely TTT then we would have 100 hours out of the 168 hours of the week. If we cut it down to 7 then there would only be 70 minimum hours in a week if those ten staff members put all of their required time into TTT. Four of the ten staff members are Senior Admin or higher which means they don't have to put all of their time into TTT. They could put their time into any of the other servers we have available. Also, there is going to be some time between staff members where they are moderating the server at the same time. This means that if we want to hit that goal we need to have more staff members and lowering the required amount is going to require us to get even more staff. Lowering the hours might allow more staff to be able to join but it would reduce the minimum efficiency for the entirety of the team. Admins do not constantly need to hit ten hours. If they have a couple of weeks where they get fairly close to ten hours (7-8 hours) they aren't going to be booted off the staff team. That being said, those that do not consistently hit ten hours or more, significantly have less of a chance of being promoted, and if it becomes a problem they may be taken off the staff team. Sensational wasn't necessarily the one who established that xD The situation has not changed all that much. We still need more admins and more time to be put into the servers. It doesn't make sense for us to relax those requirements at this time.
  3. .... Krim Day anyone xD
  4. Oh fock off I lost the game
  5. You came back? Sheeeeeeeeit Also, spaces before punctuation. Why?
  6. An issue with this is the warden could potentially mute the entire server if there was no admin on.
  7. Hehe http://defyclan.com/profile/6-some_person/
  8. What is the derivative of x^2?
  9. Sorry for flexing on y'all. Look at those delicious settings *Obnoxious Slurping Noises*
  10. Sooooooooooooo https://www.humblebundle.com/store/amnesia-collection Pretty neat
  11. @MarthaTheWatermelon It is a impersonamelon!
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