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  1. Mrbam


    stfu you are all jews
  2. Mrbam

    hello its me papa giraffe

    this is spam will report you to my dad mark
  3. Mrbam

    How long have you guys been with DEFY?

    I don't care when I joined but I was one of the first joined before all of the headadmins now and people know me as the ruski man.
  4. Mrbam

    My name is mrbam

    yea yea I did
  5. Mrbam

    My name is mrbam

    Hello I just wanna say I'm back 100% I got something for you all maybe giveaway hmmm who know
  6. Mrbam


    this community is called Memedefy.com and not defy.com to many dank memes here
  7. Mrbam

    Hello ^_^

    welcome to the defy community
  8. Mrbam

    not being active

    hey man.
  9. Mrbam

    Handicapped introduction

    you 15 that is the same thing as saying I'm 20
  10. Mrbam


    :)))))))))))))))))) I was the first follower
  11. Mrbam


  12. Mrbam

    My inventory giveaway

    #hey this is not inportent but if you can like the post so its more ez for me to get all in the giveaway

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